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    Interesting picture of about 1881

    Can any one help explain this picture found amongst old documents. It is thought it was taken about 1881 I am not even sure whether they are boys or girls. Are they wearing a uniform? if so has anyone any idea what sort of uniform or perhaps even school uniform this is
  2. D

    Joseph Rank Fire service

    This is another lovely picture from the same photograph album. The plaque on the wall indicates this is Joseph Rank Ltd Premier Mill London Fire Service I know that a David Barley, father of the owner of the album worked for the Rank flour Mill in Hull and moved to London on the Isle of Dogs in...
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    Class room picture

    Can any one help date this picture of a class room. the picture was found in an album of my late wife's aunt who was born about 1923. I suspect the picture is of a generation earlier so perhaps her mother is in the picture in early Edwardian years. If I am right it is likely to be in the...
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    Can anyone please help mash a brickwall?

    Robert Price born about 1791-1793. I believe he died in 1838 was married to Ann Nettleton on 4th Jan 1813 at St Saviours church Suffolk. we know him to be a cooper I know his two children and there may be more William Price born 28 April 1821 Horsley Down Southwark Robert Price born abt 1813...
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    Deridisi family from Naples

    Camernia Deridisi born about 1871I I am looking to trace his family who came from Naples Italy, initially based in the "little Italy" area of Clerkenwell London and had moved to Leyton East London in time for the 1911 census Ther is no mention in 1901 but he married in Uk in 1899 at Holborn...
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    Frustrations with broadband

    I am finally back on line, at off peak times only and with very slow speeds. Apparently We are at the very end of the line and 8Km from the exchange. We seem to lose all conections when other people log in. has any one any experience of satellite broadband services in this situation? As a...
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    Crisis in Australia

    I know many members of this forum live and work in Australia. I am sure I speak for all those in the UK and other countries when I send our prayful goodwishes to all of you suffering in this heatwave and fires. Stay as safe as possible,and take no risks. We have seen a lot of film footage here...
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    Naval Hospital/sickbay Cullercoats

    Can anyone find me any information on a second world war naval sickbay/ small hospital in Cullercoats Northumberland please. It was still open for a while in the later part of 1945. There are references to people being there but I have been totally unable to establish an address or building the...
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    Mrs Fisher d. 1809 at Half Moon Inn Plymouth

    Whilst browsing for something else I came across the following; From Kentish Gazette Friday 13th Jan 1809 " Died Suddenly in the 61st year od her life, Mrs Fisher of the Half Moon Inn Plymouth. The deceased was so extremely corpulent that in order to remove her to a lower apartment...
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    Sod's Lane

    Whilst travelling in the fens of rural Lincolnshire I came across this road with the sign "Sod's Lane. Given that, unusually, the road sign has an apostrophe, it suggests it was associated with someone by the name of Sod. If referring to grass or turf there would not be an apostrophe...
  11. D

    the missing Henry Lockyer

    I have a brickwall concerning my 2 great grandather Henry Lockyer, who according to my great grandfather's( William lockyer) marriage certificate was William's father. I know William Lockyer a bachelor married Jane Hembrow spinster on 13 june 1859 at St Giles Reading and I have the original...
  12. D

    Kathleen Patricia Jane Walsh and Virol

    I suspect a good many of our older members and readers will remember their daily dose of Virol! The Sheilds Daily Gazette Monday 18th March 1901 carried an advert in the form of a letter of thanks from a grateful father it reads; On the Verge of Consumption" 5 Fullers Road South Woodford]...
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    ancestors from Galicia

    Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of researching family history in Galicia? Galicia today is partly in the Ukraine and partly in Poland. In the latter part of the 1800s and up to the outbreak of the first world war there was considerable migration to canada, USA and Brazil. The...
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    Gimp or Gimper

    The Orme family I am currently researching have several occupational references to being a " grimp" hand, a "grimper", "Silk grimper",even "gimp lad" The family were in Derby. throughout the mid and late 18 hundreds. I can only preume this was a technical name for a job in the silk weaving...
  15. D

    School photographs

    Has any one any idear when the first school photographs were taken ? This must be quite early. I believe it will contain Hilda Holmes born in 1898 in Beechcroft Road Tooting. I believe this is Fircroft road School tooting london SW 17 opened in 1896 which was near by. My guess is that it was...
  16. D

    Red Cross VAD Nurses at Naval Hospital Chatham

    These two pictures are of Red Cross Nurses who became VADs ( Voluntary Aid Detachment ) and were stationed in the Royal Naval Hospital Chatham. My mother was with them. The two in the corridor of the hospital had a 250 yard walk from one end to the other. For urgent calls to the ward at night...
  17. D

    Army uniform to identify

    Here are two pictures of the J W Holmes, James William Holmes my Great grandfather born 1878 Can any one identify the uniform? Note the two arm bands and the five point star on right lower sleeve. I cannot make out the epaulette mark or hat badge I know from the burnt records he was a...
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    Inherited box of photos

    I wonder if any one can throw any light on this photograph. Whats going on, what about a date? on the reverse is written " to Mr and Mrs J W Holmes with best wishes from Arty and ? Jan"
  19. D

    missing Wigleys

    I am trying to trace the family and descendants of Kenneth Wigley who was born in Bury Lancashire about 1927 and emigrated to Australia in 1952 on a vessel called Asturias, He landed at Feemantle, WA. He was accompnied by his wife Jean nee Guffog and a daughter Barbara aged 4 so born 1947-48.in...
  20. D

    Elizabeth Sexey Sparkes

    Whilst struggling to find an Elizabeth Sparks born in Gloucester about 1840 I was most suprised to find this lady "Elizabeth Sexey Sparkes" aged 21 in the 1861 census (RG9 P1731 f104 P2 ) as transcribed for A.......y. I am still trying to decide what the original reads and whether or not she...