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    Hi all Found this name on the 1901 census of Ireland a possible ancestor of mine. Is it an incorrect spelling of the name Johanna? Thank you AuntMary
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    Edward McCarthy

    Hi I am looking for relatives of Edward McCarthy he was born in Listowel Urban County Kerry Ireland. Fathers name John McCarthy mother Johanna Heffernan. I believe he had a sister Hannah born 1888 and a brother Joseph born 1886. I would be very grateful for any information about his family...
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    David John Potter

    Hi all I am looking for the death certificate of David John Potter born in 1881 in Brecknock South Wales. He lived in Duffryn Onllwyn for many years and was the local barber. Unfortunately there were several David John Potters and this has caused confusion in my research. I believe he died...
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    I have the name Murtha (as a christian name) for one of my ancestors on the 1911 census of Ireland. I can only find surnames for this name . Can anyone please enlighten me? The gentlemans full name on the census was Murtha Smyth born in 1898 Bryanstown County Wexford Ireland. Thank you in...
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    Fishgaurd to Rosslair 1914-1915

    Steve thanks for your input. I accept what you are saying in general but there was a war on at the time and ships were being sunk in the Irish sea. In view of the implications of war and the danger of crossing the Irish sea at that time I feel there must have been some sort of record kept of...
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    Fishguard to Rosslair crossing 1914-1915

    Hi all I am new to this site so please be patient if I make mistakes not sure if I start a new thread or continue with the original one when I am asking questions about the same people. My grandfather Edward McCarthy born 1880 Kerry Ireland married Johanna Smyth born Wexford Ireland 1886 in...
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    Hi Every one

    I am looking for information on one of my ancestors Edward McCarthy who was born in County Kerry Ireland in 1880. I have found what may be his birth certificate stating he was born in Listowel his fathers name was John McCarthy mother Johanna Heffernan. Edward McCarthy left Ireland around 1900...