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    Do i exist????

    PM me with your details if you like and I'll find you. You can access Births, deaths and marriages for free from 1837. The only trouble is that not all the entries have been transcribed, so you need to look at the original register entries. :)
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    look up on ancestry

    Hi Julie, Hopefully have found a few of Darren's ancestors. Am pretty sure the name you were querying was Pitfield not Pickfield, as everything seems to tie up. Have answered on other postings, ie where do I start and do I exist. Between us we should be able to help a bit. Kind regards...
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    1881 Census for Wales Please? - Boase

    Re: 1881 Census for Wales Please? Hi Lorraine Many thanks for that. I forgot I could get the 1881 on Family Search! eek) Feel really stupid now, lol. Thank you again. That solves that little problem.:) Beccy
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    Where do i start...??

    Hi again, Answered some of your questions on your other thread. And yes, it does mean trawling through lots of names and dates, lol. I have had a look for your Thomas Thomas and found the following: Birth of DORIS THOMAS, July/Aug/Sept Quarter 1915, Manchester, Vol No. 8d, page 376 -...
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    Do i exist????

    Hi again :) BMD's are free anyway ;) it's just the census stuff, etc, you need to pay for. Are you signing in under the UK version of Ancestry? It will still take the same user name and password, but may be easier to follow my instructions above. Because not all entries of births...
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    1881 Census for Wales Please? - Boase

    Hi, I have a Boase family who moved from Cornwall to Wales, and 2 of the daughters married in 1874 and 1876, but I am not sure who their spouse's were :confused: I have a Grace Osborne Boase who married in July/Aug/Sept Quarter 1874 to either William Mends or Charles Tregarthen. (The other...
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    Hello Folks.

    Hi Carol welcome Hope you enjoy the forums. If you need any help I'm sure someone on here will try and give you a hand. Happy hunting :) Beccy
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    Where do i start...??

    Hi again, Have had a quick look for you, and have come up with the following so far on your dad's side. Birth - William Harrop, born Oct/Nov/Dec Quarter 1912 in Oldham. Vol: 83, Page 1175. The mother's maiden name is listed as "Shaw". Birth - Hild M PITFIELD, born Oct/Nov/Dec Quarter 1920 ...
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    Do i exist????

    welcome Lol. Had the same problem when I started. Began to doubt I was here at all :D Not all the births, deaths and marriages have been put into the search engine I'm afraid. To find yourself, go into Ancestry, and underneath the search box is a line which says go directly to births...
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    Census 1915-1940

    Hi there :) Yes, apart from during the war, the census was carried out every 10 years. Unfortunately the latest transcribed one was 1901 I'm afraid, owing to the 100 year closure on releasing census details to protect the individuals concerned. There is, I believe, a campaign at the moment...
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    Hi, Don't know if this will help, but one of my ancestors died at sea in 1850. I didn't even know he had died at sea, but I knew he was a sailor and being unable to find a death certificate, I assumed this is how he must have died. Anyway, by pure chance I tried searching the Trinity House...
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    Cannot find my Grandfather after 1901.

    Hi there, It's far easier to go back than to come forward I'm afraid. Unfortunately not every name for every year of birth, marriages and death has been transcribed as yet. This means either trawling through the scanned images of every quarter of every year from 1901, or trying to find other...
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    Offers of help

    I'd like to know too pwease. As to offers of help... If anyone has any Cornwall, England, ancestors I'd be happy to try and help... especially St Ives. I live in Redruth at the moment, so can visit the Records Centre there; can visit cemetaries anywhere between here and St Ives if anyone...
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    Great Grandfather - Any help would be much appreciated

    Another thought... When naming children it was quite often the done thing to give a child the mother's maiden name as a middle name. So you may find that John James Edwards married a Miss Horne. Of course, it doesn't always work this way, but sometimes it's a very helpful clue. :)
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    Great Grandfather - Any help would be much appreciated

    Hi there, Based on his age at marriage, that would make Walter's birth year approximately 1881 (if he was telling the truth about his age), I checked 1880 to 1882 and found the following births: Walter James Edwards born April/May/June Qtr 1880 Chelsea 19 363 Walter James Edwards born...
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    Baptism Gap

    :confused: Hi, I think I have found my grt x 5 grandfather's parents, but I am not 100% sure... I have a William Row on the 1841 census for St Ives, Cornwall, as being aged 55. This would make his birth date circa 1786. As ages were rounded down to the next 5 years, this would make his...
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    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    Addicted is definitely the right word! I had been meaning to research my family's history for some time, but work etc always took up my time and I was always going to start "tomorrow". But then my grandad died, and i realised that tomorrow would never come and I had to make a start. My dad...
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    Hi Everyone

    Have just registered so thought I'd say hi :). I was born in St Ives, Cornwall, where I stayed for 21 years then moved away to Bristol. Back now though and living in Redruth. I'm a stay at home mum at the moment with 2 children aged 11 and 7. Before that I was a Quality Systems Co-Ordinator...