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    Samuel Gunning

    Recently I've been told that my 4x great granddad was Samuel Gunning born 1765 in Co Down.I can't find his wife or any information about him. His son,James,was my 3x great grandfather born 1785,he was a farmer so,maybe his father was too .I've never found any siblings of James,is there any way...
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    Spanish relatives

    Is there anyone who can help me research Spanish relatives from Albacete?
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    I have found most of my ancestors in Newtownards but there is one that I can't find anything about,please can someone help. Easter(Esther) McCafferty was born in 1874 to Anna McCaffertty.The year before Anna had a son,William James and in 1876 she had another daughter,Mary.In 1877 she married...
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    I hope someone can help me with this.My great x2 grandad died in Huddersfield in 1876 at the age of 43.He was Edmund Wear. I have been searching for years to find where he was buried without any success. When he died he was living in Beaumont Street,so far he's not at any of the cemeteries...
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    Recently I received a copy of my great x2 grandparent's marriage in Newtownards.They were Robert McCafferty and Esther Hollinger married in 1845.I always thought that Robert's father was also Robert but on the certificate it has James. Some time ago I received marriage and baptism records from...
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    herbert henry bunch

    Not sure if I've asked this before.I'm trying to find where my grandad was cremated.He was Herbert Henry Bunch,he died in Farnham,Surrey on the 10th September 1956. I looked at Aldershot and Woking but can't find him.Any ideas please
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    2 ancestors

    A while back I asked for help in trying to find the burial place of my ancestor Edmund Wear who died in Huddersfield in 1876 but no-one was able to help. I have another ancestor whose burial place I can't find.He is Henry Joseph Masters,he died in Hackney in 1886.I have tried so many places...
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    Does anyone have either the name Downie or Mushett in their family tree.Mine were from Glasgow
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    Edmund Wear

    I know where Edmund Wear died as I have his death certificate but I can't find where he was buried.He died in Huddersfield in August 1876,aged 44.I know all the places he isn't buried,all the main cemeteries in the area.It's been suggested I look in non-comformist records but I don't know how I...
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    Henry Joseph Masters

    I don't think I have posted this before,if I have I'm sure someone will point it out to me. For a long time,I have been looking for 2 burials.The first one is Henry Joseph Masters,my great x2 grandad.He died in 1886 in Hackney,London.I have looked at all the graveyards/burial sites on internet...
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    Benjamin Bunch

    I'm trying to find a bit more info about my great x2 grandad,Benjamin Bunch.I know he died in 1857 and is buried in the Old Cemetery Southampton.His wife was Sarah Mead,who he married in 1845,the 1851 census,where his name is Burch,says that he was born in Hampshire in 1809,his father was...
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    James Gunning Missionary

    James Gunning was born in Newtownards in 1914 he married Dorrie Cavan in the 50s and they went to Brazil as missionaries with the Baptist church.I would like to know who his parents were as I can possibly work out if he had any connection with my family from Newtownards/
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    My great x2 gran was Louisa Elizabeth Saynor born in Gravesend abt 1822,her father was Samuel.I'd like to find out where he came from,I think it was possibly Yorkshire as the name is quite known in those parts.I did find a record for a Samuel Saynor in a business directory in London but I can't...
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    Kent records

    Please could someone tell me where are the burial/cremation records for a death in Ashford in Kent
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    Where are they buried?

    I have been looking for the burial place of my great x2 grandad,Henry Joseph Masters,he was born in 1820 in Chatham Kent,after he married in 1850 he lived in Maidstone Kent. His first son was born in 1851 and died the same year,his name was the same as the father.Henry died in 1886 in Hackney,I...
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    Thomas Gunning

    My great grandad,Thomas Gunning 1856 - 1925 went to live in New Zealand but it's not a case of him getting on a ship to NZ and end of story! His brother,James married Jessie Hill in Glasgow in the 1870s and left for NZ straight away on the Cartisburn...
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    Benjamin Bunch

    My mother's maiden name was Bunch,her grandad was Benjamin Bunch,born 1847 in Vauxhall London,he married in 1879 and he died in 1887,he's buried in The Old Cemetery in Southampton.There is one record for him that I can't find,it's the 1851 census.There would be Benjamin,aged 4,Thomas aged 1...
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    looking for a burial

    My great great grandfather,Edmund Wear,died in Huddersfield in 1876,I'm looking for his place of burial but so far I haven't found it.He is not buried in the main cemeteries in Huddersfield.maybe someone has some suggestions where I should look. Still on the subject of Wears,my gran had 2...
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    Defence Medal

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this,if it isn't please tell me where it should be. My gran,Laura Bunch,nee Wear,was awarded a BEM in 1958 together with a WVS medal.In the box where she kept the medals there is also a Defence Medal,can anyone tell me where I can find out when or...
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    My great great grandad was Joseph McMillan born in Lanarkshire about 1807,apart from being the father of my great grandad James,he had 4 girls,Elizabeth,Janet,Margaret and Mary,does anyone have any of them in their family tree? The other McMillan in my tree is my great aunt Mary Gunning,born...