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  1. J

    Henry Jones Children

    Completed my research into my Grandfather Henry Jones, he had 6 children with only 2 surviving......Edward ( uncle ) and Thomas ( my dad )....the remaining children were Margaret, John, Henry jnr, and Mary......Henry junior died aged 15 months from bronchitis......the other 3 all died from...
  2. J


    Hi all, does anyone know if there any divorce lists out there ? one of my rellies was married twice and i'm not sure if her 1st husband died or if they were divorced......I ask because on her sons marriage cert it gives the fathers name but it doesn't say deceased.....and on other certs I have...
  3. J

    Henry Jones Army records found

    Hi all, Finally found more information on my grandfather Henry Jones, he had pension records from 1914/18 service......he signed up in 1915 to the South Staffordshire regiment, was sent to Colonne in France late 1915 was wounded in action and lost a finger on his left hand as well as wounds to...
  4. J

    Henry Jones born 1892/3

    Really struggling to find one Henry Jones 1892/3 with a father Thomas Jones, by 1917 Thomas was a boatman, and Henry was getting married whilst a serving soldier, marriage in Derby.......have looked through 1901 and 1911 census with no luck for Rochdale where the family were from as early as...
  5. J

    Birth brickwall help needed

    Looking for help with a birth , Henry Jones... my grandfather ...........born 1893 place unknown, lived in Rochdale, married in Derby, father Thomas Jones, Mother Unknown........yes it's a tough one.......it's a brick wall I keep running into......many thanks......Paul
  6. J

    Information on Lawless Ireland

    Hi All, has anyone any information on the following please...... Lawless Patrick aged 40 in 1881 census, head 1841 Lawless Bridget aged 36 in 1881 census, wife 1845 Lawless patrick aged 18 in 1881 census, son 1863 they were all born in Ireland and were now living in Rochdale, there were...
  7. J

    1917 wedding in Derby Army barracks help needed

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can shed any light on the latest info I have found......? My grandfather Henry Jones is listed on his marriage cert to Mary Ellen Jones ( Shackleton ) as getting married on 14th July 1917, he is listed as Soldier, married at the Parish church, Parish of st John Derby...
  8. J

    Census accuracy

    Hello all, I am new to all this and during my first attempt at tracing my fathers family I have managed to get many or his relatives from the census records from 1911, 1901, and some from the 1791 census, however some of the ages differ from the census records to the birth and marriage cert...
  9. J

    New member and 1st time research

    Hi all, just joined today as a first time researcher into my family tree....i'm Paul by the way, I started looking into my fathers side of my family as he was a bit of a mystery man, so far I have found a fair bit of information about him but I am noticing descrepencies in the ages from...