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    1919 Marriage Sept Quarter

    Is anyone able to give me a more accurate marriage date please for the following: William John Bye to Lilian Violet Radmore St Thomas, Devon If possible, many thanks...
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    Hi I'm afraid I'm stuck on the following. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking for the birth of James Moss. According to the 1851 census, he was born in Exeter and living with mum Priscilla and dad Peter. However (and there's always one of them) dad Peter was born in Italy and...
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    Mary Buckley 1851 census

    Another last ditch attempt to find this lady: Mary Buckley was married in 1854 to Peter Goodwin in Astbury, Congleton. Residence just says Congleton at marriage for both. Witnesses: Mathew Atkinson and Elizabeth Lawton(Lawson) - difficult to read. Mary was born in Ireland - father John...
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    Mary Gallagher 1881 census

    Another last ditch attempt to find an Irish lady - married in Rochdale in 1886 - to Peter Goodwin. Marriage cert says she was a domestic servant, living in Rochdale at the time aged 23. Father William John Gallagher. Witnesses WM Melia and M Goodwin.
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    Delia Byrnes 1891 census lookup request

    Hi I have lost count of the mysteries in the ancestors of our family and have tried in vein to find this lady: She married in Rochdale in 1894 - Richard Kelsall - marriage address 2 Harriet Street [presume Rochdale!!!!]. She had a child by the name of Mary J Byrnes in 1886. A researcher did...
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    Kelsall 1841 census lookup please

    COMPLETED THANKS... apparently the name is registered as Kelshaw previously... Wondered if anyone can help with this one: According to census records - William Kelsall was born in Rochdale 1830. I have census records for 1861-1901 which all confirm this. Although the 1881 record is spelt...
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    Bye 1861 census lookup

    I'm looking for Thomas Bye born 1855-1857ish in Stratfield Saye, Hampshire. . Marriage cert shows father as Thomas - labourer - address Surrey in 1878 Hoping to confirm mother's name and any other children... Other addresses have been: Bracknell; Warfield and Byfleet. Needle in a haystack????
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    Radmore/Moss 1871 census lookups

    I'm looking for Edward Radmore (father Charles). Edward was born in Plymouth in 1870. I'm also looking for his wife's side of the family Lucy Jane Moss born 1868ish in Exeter (father James). Their marriage cert says Edward was a shoemaker as was Lucy's father James. Lucy was a cigar maker...
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    Shaw/Frost 1841 lookup please

    Harriet Shaw was born 1827ish in Derbyshire (1871 and 1881) and Berkshire (1901)!!!!!! But married 1847 in Bury. Marriage cert shows William Frost as the father. If poss - looking for William and daughter Harriet - plus mother and any other children..... in 1841 before she married. Any...
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    Cronkshaw/Rothwell 1841 lookups please

    Robert Cronkshaw - labourer married Priscilla Rothwell in 1827 in Haslingden. Priscilla's son John Hill Rothwell was born in Haslingden 1826 and christened Aug 1827. His marriage cert shows Robert Cronkshaw as the father. Looking for these three on the 1841 census - together with any other...
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    Changing records

    Hi I recently found out that a baby that died in the family was in fact buried under the wrong first name - the registrar must have misheard the name - and I suppose the family didn't challenge it at the time. The register office has confirmed that the baby is one and the same - same father...
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    Children's birth dates...

    Looking for birth dates for 12 children - all of whom may still be living. Inernet records probably don't cover these dates in my area as I've searched as many combinations as I can. I've asked for some marriage details to check surnames. If anyone can help with this - or point me in the...
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    Marriages of three brothers...

    Hi Again, I've looked on the usual internet sites but don't think the databases cover these years... married in 1943 Can't find second marriage - he had four children with this lady(would love full name if poss) - all may still be living. They separated. Married Jean(again would love full...
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    Three brothers death lookups if poss please

    Hi I've looked on the usual internet sites but don't think the databases cover these years... 1924, 1930, 1931 Thanking you in anticipation...
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    Exact date of death?

    Hi I have found the death/burial place of an ancestor thanks to Mo... However, my uncle is still not convinced that it's his twin sister. The fact that she was burried with the wrong name doesn't help, however, the cemetery has confirmed the father's name and address but they give the burial...
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    Death lookup please

    Death Lookup - Started New Thread!!! My uncle would dearly love to trace his twin sister's death register and especially burial place. We believe that she was only 9 or 10 days old when she died but have been unable to confirm this. They were born in April 1937 (June quarter): Eileen...
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    Leitrim/Drumina/Drum Sna Laburn: Are these places connected?

    Drumina? Drumina???
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    1901 lookup please

    1901 lookup dealt with thanks... Hi Is it possible to do a lookup for the following please, presume living in Berkshire although Thomas was born in Hampshire and Elizabeth in Berkshire {they were married in Chertsey, Surrey but William was born in Berkshire}: Thomas Bye - head Elizabeth Bye -...
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    Irish ancestor working as servant...

    Hi I know I've seen this once on the internet but have failed to find since... Mary Gallagher working as a servant in Drake Street or Yorkshire Street, Rochdale in 1881. Her marriage cert says she was living in Drake Street in 1886!!!! I have her in 1891 and 1901. I have searched paper...
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    Pre 1837

    Pre 1837 - Dealt with thanks... Actually, after posting a message asking for help with pre 1837 records, the system gave me three similar posts. Having read these, I realise that I have already followed the advice given ie Family Search on the Latterday Saints site and a local records office...