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  1. K

    fathers name not on birth certificate

    I have a birth certificate of my great grandfather harry dated 1881, his mothers name is on the document but he was given her surname and his father is not recorded anywhere. If the father was deceased would they not put the name on the birth certificate at all?.to be honest im hoping that he...
  2. K

    ancestry websites

    Hi all, Im having trouble getting the information I need and ive gotten to a point where ive literally hit yet another dead end.Can anyone recommend any good ancestry websites, preferably free because i cant really afford the subscription fees.thanks :)
  3. K

    murphy and sutton, co wexford, ireland

    Hi, my great grandmother was bridget murphy, she was born on slaney street, enniscorthy, co wexford in 1908.Her mother was mary sutton and her father was patrick murphy.This is where the trail goes cold as patrick then moved to canada or america with some of his children leaving my great...
  4. K


    Hi all, would like any information on the surname schlutz, if i had to guess id say it originates from germany but im really not sure, apparently my surname, which is sludds is a corruption of the surname schlutz, thanks to people who didnt know how to spell very well on birth certificates over...
  5. K

    hawkins essex area

    hi, feel like im posting on every thread on here but ive had a lot of help on this forum today and i really want to get as much info as possible.my great grandfather and great grandmother george hawkins and grace hawkins (formerly barton) lived in the essex area all their lives from what I can...
  6. K

    census request hawkins

    hi, looking for any census information from 1901 on a george hawkins, possibly in essex or newtown, staffordshire, he was born in 1878 according to the information i have from the 1911 census, help very much appreciated :)
  7. K

    census request

    looking for a george hawkins in the essex area, born 1878.thats all the info I have, trying to find possible names of his mother and father and any siblings.if anyone could send me any info, that would be fantastic
  8. K

    burma star veteran

    Hi all, looking for army records for my grandfather, frank waring, dob 1922, he enlisted in the leicester regiment on the 14 march 1938 and was also in the burma star regiment, thats all i have, hope its enough to go on, thankyou :)
  9. K

    birth info please :)

    Hi there, Im looking for birth information of my grandmother in order to find the names of her mother and father if possible.She was born in reg district of tendring in the sub district of ardleigh on the 5th may 1925, her name was florence hawkins.I have a basic birth cert which gives only the...
  10. K

    hawkins, clacton on sea

    hi, im looking for a george hawkins (my great grandfather) on the 1911 census, havent got a name of a wife or any other info, just need to know if hes on there really and any other info thats available from that (mother or fathers name etc).think he came from clacton on sea, colchester.sorry...
  11. K


    Hi everyone, I had been researching my family history for 6 years, hit a dead end and gave up, im now back 3 years later to try again and see if i can find any information that i didnt find before. Im searching for the waring family of sutton in ashfield, hawkins of clacton on sea and sludds of...