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    Which software

    Family tree software is very personal, one persons likes are anothers dislikes etc. I would suggest that you try some of the free trials of products available before commiting to any one. The LDS have a free product called PAF if you wish to try that (I never have) but I believe it is very basic...
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    trying to trace burton

    1911 BURTON, Robert Graves Head Married M 79 1832 Doctor Of Medicine And Surgeon Canada Resident BURTON, Aimee Lydia Wife Married (married 2 years? no children) F 48 1863 London DEANE, Richard Hill Asperne Son Single M 24 1887 Engineer Shift Electric Light Coy Ealing London DEANE, Aimee...
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    trying to trace burton

    1861 take a look at this one RG9; Piece: 409; Folio: 47; Page: 1 Recorded on Ancestry as Robert George Bunton, must admit that image does say George though. Married to Edana? and sister in law Frances Page and son Robert G age 2.
  4. L

    1911 Census Free !!!

    Maddie it is FMP who have the 1911 census, not Ancestry. On FMP it is on additional subscription, but they still use the credit system as per the 1911 census site, and you have a limited amount of credits per month.
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    please can anyone check slate /noble ,birth

    There is a Milda (mistranscribed from Hilda) registered June quarter 1917 W.Bromwich 6b 1365 mmn Slater on Ancestry. Different county but possible?? EDIT she is shown on FreeBMD as Hilda Second edit, this would tie in with her area for the 1901 census if you suspect Elizabeth was the mother.
  6. L

    Children born before marriage but with fathers surname

    As long as the father either made a statutory declaration of paternity or attended the registration, yes it is possible for the child to be registered in the fathers name.
  7. L

    Archives how many have you visited?

    Doncaster and Lincoln ( although none of my lot are from there), Stafford, Bedford, Wiltshire archive Trowbridge (not been to one in Chippenham yet). Still to visit a few yet.
  8. L

    Bed Time part 2

    Goodnight Mary Ellen................... very late night for me g/night all
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    MELLOR family in Huddersfield

    Still no luck with the Kilners, cannot find any of them in 1861. There is a Catherine G Gardner showing b Huddersfield, married to a James, wondered if that was your one that had married, but found what I think was them in Shoreditch in 1851. Sorry no luck again! Keith:-\ :-\
  10. L

    MELLOR family in Huddersfield

    Hi Dave, no luck with the Kilners at the moment, time for work again here, so will take another look when home again. Keith
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    MELLOR family in Huddersfield

    1861 Meller family. 48 Trinity Street (same address as 1851?) Huddersfield. Wright Meller, age 44 Woollen merchant Harriette Meller age 44 Thomas H Meller, age 14 Robert Meller, age 10 Vanderson Meller, age 4 Agnes E Meller, age 2 Ann Sharp 30, servant Mary Kellet 20, servant RG9; Piece...
  12. L

    john peter bintliffe

    This looks like them John P Bintleffe, head age 35, b Aston Upon Trent, Hatter (cannot read missing word) Former Alice Bintleffe, wife age 31, b Stockport, Hatter trimmer. Sarah Bintleffe, dau age 8, b Stockport Address: 12 Arden Grove CP: Stockport Ecc. P: St Thomas RD: Stockport Sub-RD...
  13. L

    MELLOR family in Huddersfield

    Address: Northgate Thomas Kilner, head, widower, age 73, retired woollen merchant, George Hirst Kilner, son age 37 Catherine G Kilner, dau age 24 Elizabeth Hirst, sister in Law, age 77, annuitant. Charlotte Hodgson, servant age 17, b Durker Nr Wakefield All born Huddersfield. CP: Huddersfield...
  14. L

    MELLOR family in Huddersfield

    1851 census CP: Huddersfield EP: Holy Trinity County: Yorkshire RD: Huddersfield SRD: Huddersfield ED :22 Address: Trinity Street. Wright Meller, head age 34, Woollen Merchant. Harriett Meller wife age 34 James Meller son age 5, Thomas Kilner Meller, son age 4 Harriett Ruth Meller, dau, age 2...
  15. L

    George Teasdale 27 Oct 1857 Assisted Passage

    Just found them on 1851 census HO107; Piece: 2388; Folio: 246; Page: 14;
  16. L

    George Teasdale 27 Oct 1857 Assisted Passage

    Hi Duckweed, just lost post so had to start again. The vessel was George Bunyon On the image George is shown as age 36 and married. Also on the image are the following Teasdales:- Maria? age 41 married William age 12 John age 10 Elizabeth age 8 Jane age 5 It does not state they are related to...
  17. L

    Thomas & Mary LLOYD in Suffolk

    1851, no children. Thomas Lloyd 51 Image changed from 31, Cabinet maker and upholsterer Mary Lloyd 25 b Tolleshunt Darcy, Essex, Civil parish: Hadleigh RD: Cosford Sub-RD: Lavenham High Street Hadleigh HO107; Piece: 1790; Folio: 435; Page: 13 It is possible that William was born...
  18. L

    Thomas & Mary LLOYD in Suffolk

    1871 Thomas Lloyd 51 Upholsterer Mary Lloyd 46 b Essex, Iolston Darrey? Charles Lloyd 11 Frank Lloyd 7 Harry Lloyd 3 All born Hadleigh except Mary. Queen Street. Civil parish: Hadleigh Rd: Cosford Sub-rd: Hadleigh RG10; Piece: 1722; Folio: 89; Page: 23
  19. L

    Thomas & Mary LLOYD in Suffolk

    There is a death for an Alice Mary Lloyd in June quarter 1854, Cosford, 4a 273, and a corresponding birth June 1854, Lloyd Alice Mary Eagle, Cosford 4a 422. Time for work again :rolleyes:
  20. L

    Thomas & Mary LLOYD in Suffolk

    Here you go Dave, no sign of Alice though. All born Hadleigh Thomas Lloyd 41 no occupation shown. Mary Lloyd 35 William Lloyd 9 Joseph Lloyd 8 Benjaman Lloyd 5 Charles Lloyd 5Mo High Street, Hadleigh CP Hadleigh, Suffolk RD Cosford Sub RD Hadleigh RG9; Piece: 1135; Folio: 82; Pages: 8...