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Search results

  1. prefabkid

    Jane Sullivan

    Trying to find birth details (or anything else) of Jane Harriet Matilda Sullivan (full name as given on marriage certificate),daughter of Harry Sullivan a labourer, both born Ireland. She married Henry Foster (b.1861 Whitstable,Kent,England) at Canterbury Registry Office on 13 November...
  2. prefabkid

    Surname distribution

    Many members mention areas where certain surnames appear to be concentrated. A site I find especially interesting (apologies if you already know about it) is www.nationaltrustnames.org.uk It gives the distribution of surnames in 1881 and 1998,the former especially useful since...
  3. prefabkid

    Custom Avatars

    PLEASE more custom avatars under members names,preferably pictures of the members themselves. I'm sure members have stores of old photos,they can be unflattering or just cute it doesn't matter. I find it not only amusing,but also gives a personal touch to the site.After all we are one big family...
  4. prefabkid

    Tips for beginners and others

    When looking at the records,look further than simply recording names,but look for name patterns. Often the eldest son and daughter,or sometimes their siblings, were named after their parents,this can be especially useful when looking for parents pre 1841 Census.This pattern may pass through...
  5. prefabkid

    Edith Emma Coomber 1883

    Many thanks for the reminder that I haven't posted on the forum for a while but have been searching for the Holcombes in the USA, they were very prolific! Am looking for details of Edith Emma Coomber b.1883 Westerham,Kent.She was the daughter of James William Coomber 1861-1933 of Sevenoaks,Kent...
  6. prefabkid

    Canadian(Ontario) bmd registers

    Does anyone out there know if it's possible to access (from the UK) the Canadian (Ontario) bmd registers? If I could get the appropriate reference number etc. how does one obtain copies and are there any restrictions on who may order them? I've Googled 'canadian bmd registers' but haven't come...
  7. prefabkid

    William and Mark Elsey

    I am trying to find details of William b.1890 and Mark Elsey b.1894 after they emigrated to Canada.They were brothers and both born Farleigh,Croydon,Surrey,England, and were sons of Frank Elsey (1849-1922) and Susan Sparks (1856-1938 ).They were living at Dargate,Faversham,Kent prior to...
  8. prefabkid

    Hints and Tips Forum

    I recently put an item 'Village Ancestors' on the Beginners Forum' (wasn't quite sure where else to put it) It prompted me to think,would it be useful to have a forum devoted to hints and tips?We all have different levels and areas of expertise and may encourage us to pass this information on...
  9. prefabkid

    Village Ancestors

    Not a cry for help,but a tip I always find useful and may help beginners,so posted it on this Forum,(hope I'm not 'teaching your grandmother to suck eggs'). Because so many of my ancestors lived in villages (being agricultural workers),when looking at the census for details of a known family...
  10. prefabkid

    JAMES ELSEY c.1792

    Trying to find information regarding parents and spouse of James Elsey (sometimes misspelt Ellsey) b.c1792 Horley,Surrey.His wife,I believe was Maria but surname unknown. They married c.1814 possibly Horley,Surrey and had 5 children-John(1815),Ann(1817),Elizabeth(1819),James(1822) and...
  11. prefabkid

    Edith Margaret Martin 1886-1936

    I am trying to find ancestors (including parents and possible siblings) of Edith,my paternal grandmother. Marriage and death certificates give her as born 1886,but cannot find an Edith Margaret Martin in the birth indexes for 1885-1887. She married Samuel Elsey (1886-1981) at Hernhill Parish...