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    Arthur simon

    my gt grandad is proving elusive when it comes to his death date. I've checked at the local reg office who also cant find any record of him dieing. I'm thinking he is just one of those who were lost somewhere but as a last shot if anyone has/does come across this gentleman I would love to know...
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    1901 Hull look up please

    I'm trying to track my grandma's parents, theres some mix up with the names. My gran was Florence Simon born 1901 in Hull,East Yorkshire she had siblings who we think were older than her, Edith,Elsie and Harold all born in Hull to. Her fathers name is possibly Alfred or Arthur Willoughby Simon...
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    I have the birth certificate for my great grandma Fanny Boyd which shows she was born in Oct 1874 in Hull. Both parents are listed on it, William Ennison Boyd and Fanny Percy ( her mother) Now Fanny Percy dies in 1875 , William remarries in 1879 but this is where I'm getting confused, Fanny Boyd...
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    supernumarated engineer

    I've come across this job description for my gr.gr. grandfather, am I right in thinking that supernumarated engineer is a time served engineer?
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    hi everyone. I've been asked to look into my mum's side of the family, of which she doesnt know to much, only a few names. So far its going ok and yes theres a few skeletons coming out of the closets!!!