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    Hi Everyone. My name is Alan.

    Please accept my apologies. I realized after posting that I was not supposed to give out my e-mail address. I did go back to the post hoping that I would be able to edit it out but there was not that function available.
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    Hi Everyone. My name is Alan.

    Hi ?, Thank you for being in touch. From your surname would I be correct in assuming that you may be referring to my great grandparents John Edgar Maidment and his wife Ada Elizabeth Maidment (born Morris)? john Edgar died at a young age, and Ada then remarried Lewis Bristow. They later...
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    Hi Everyone. My name is Alan.

    You are correct about it being different these days. When I first started I was living a stones throw from London so was able to visit GRO easily. However, that is nearly all the tools we had and it could be so laborious and time consuming. I have recently been going through some of my...
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    Hi Everyone. My name is Alan.

    Thanks Steve
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    Hi Everyone. My name is Alan.

    Hi, My name is Alan. I first started tracing my family tree over 25 years ago but it all went on hold due to another time consuming pastime. I have recently revisited the past, and am looking forward to posting once I have fully collated and reviewed my research so far. My immediate research...