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  1. Carol Collins

    Do You Mind.

    Love it, worth switching on for. Carol :)
  2. Carol Collins

    Too Late

    Hi Dave, I love the pic. your parents look so happy together and look as if they share a wonderful sense of humour. It's good to have something to smile about, thanks Carol :)
  3. Carol Collins

    Judgmental people.

    I have a tracksuit just like the one you describe. I wear it because it is the most comfortable outfit for when I go out in my wheelchair. I don't care what anyone thinks of my clothes but I get really angry when people ignore me and talk over my head to whoever is pushing my chair. I am...
  4. Carol Collins

    Is Staff St, Islington, Greater London EC1 on a Hill?

    Hi, just out of interest, can we see the photo? I love looking at old photos. Carol :)
  5. Carol Collins


    yes it is odd i feel quite disorientated having tried it out several times with different numbers. i didn't know i was so predictable. i'm going to have nightmares now! carol eek)
  6. Carol Collins

    Ancesters belongings

    Hi everyone, I think it's great that you have things to remind you of your loved ones. Reading your comments makes me more sure of the need to make a will or at least to write a list of gifts I would like to leave to my family and friends when I pop my clogs. Bad feeling and even distress can...
  7. Carol Collins

    Rise and Shine Everyone!

    Hi Gibbo, Of course I do those excercises every morning, then fall back into bed for a rest ;) Another good excercise (after hubby brings breakfast in bed) is lifting the porridge spoon to mouth - strengthens the arm muscles and hand/eye co-ordination :D I'm not ill just lazy and spoilt...
  8. Carol Collins

    2010 is now here.

    Happy new year to everyone :kissu: :biggrin: ;) Carol
  9. Carol Collins

    approaching relatives

    Re: Aproaching relatives? continue:- With that info. my dear husband looked around and found a private site my f...ly on the net, discovered grandfather's disgraceful army record and details of his parents and 10 siblings including a young sister Florence (auntie Flo) now deceased. Having...
  10. Carol Collins

    approaching relatives

    Re: Aproaching relatives? Many thanks to you all, I really appreciate your response and feel I have caring friends to share family 'stuff' with. My husband (bless him) has been researching his family tree for many years enjoying the 'hunt' and 'discoveries'. Having gone back several...
  11. Carol Collins

    approaching relatives

    Aproaching relatives? Hi everyone, I have come to a frustrating dead end in my search for info. on my mother and her family. My husband thinks that I should research and try to contact the decendents of her father's relatives but I'm very reluctant to do that, what do you think? All...
  12. Carol Collins

    One min past midnight.

    Great news Lee, what a lucky little boy to be surrounded by such a loving, caring family. Best wishes to you all, Carol. :)
  13. Carol Collins

    someones little angels

    That poor child will have to live with that gastly photo for the rest of it's life Imagine prospective boy/grirl friends being shown that by it's insensitive parents, shame on them. Disgusted from Cornwall
  14. Carol Collins

    CD records -

    Hi Steve, how sweet, I love 'when she says it I do it'. When I say it my hubby says O.K. and doesn't do it. Used to do it myself but as I cannot do much now except nag, my home is becoming like 'sleeping beauty's castle, weeds and brambles are taking over outside, dust and cobwebs inside and I...
  15. Carol Collins

    Water on the moon.

    Just! Thinking about settling down, have to get up at 8a.m. hair cut. Bye for now, Carol :)
  16. Carol Collins

    Water on the moon.

    Know just how you feel, tired all evening, doze off, wake up cold and stiff, wash, clean teeth, ready for bed and suprise, suprise, wide awake - it's a real pain getting up in the morning though. Ironing? haven't you heard of drip dry? Carol :p
  17. Carol Collins


    That looks fun, thanks Gibbo, I'll look out for it, Carol:)
  18. Carol Collins


    Hi Leefer You should have switched your fog lights on. Yesterday's film was 'Creation' about Darwin's problems, religious, family etc. before publishing his book 'The Origin of Species' I found this factual film facinating and quite emotional. Have you read 'Three Swans' autobiography of 3...
  19. Carol Collins


    Hi Gibbo, I'm sorry the old glasses hurt your eyes, I guess they were the cardboard frames with 1 red and 1 green lens. The ones we were given looked just like sunglasses and I hardly noticed I was wearing them, dear hubby wore his over the top of his normal glasses no problem. I agree with you...
  20. Carol Collins

    Water on the moon.

    Hi Gibbo, As far as I can remember there were no unpleasant effects but a lasting memory of the experience - guess that's 'art'. I don't have much of a problem sleeping at night, I often doze off in the car (not driving)and watching T.V. during the day but have mega problems with internet...