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  1. M

    A Couple Of Funny Lines

    For years I thought that Sherlock Holmes was a block of flats........ And that Sheffield Wednesday was a bank holiday. :confused: :) I am going to get back to my research now steve. Am having a bit of trouble reading some service records,but as you say we need a bit of a distraction from...
  2. M


    I was pondering this the other night as I gazed at the celestial canopy up above me.............? Then I thought to myself.I am going to have to put a roof on this outside toilet soon.
  3. M

    Could Anyone Help Me Please

    Hi to all, Firstly I would like to say that that my name is Mark and I am a "NEWBIE" to the forum. I am currently trying to research a relative of the family who saw service during the first world war. I have posted a message on the WW1 part of this forum but as yet no one has come up with...
  4. M

    Hello To All And My First Question

    Hello to all, My name is Mark and I have just joined. I live in Oxfordshire and have a particular passion for the Battle of The Somme. I am currently researching a family member. An uncle of my Grandmothers who saw service in the first world war.This brings me to my first question and I was...