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  1. Carol Collins

    approaching relatives

    Aproaching relatives? Hi everyone, I have come to a frustrating dead end in my search for info. on my mother and her family. My husband thinks that I should research and try to contact the decendents of her father's relatives but I'm very reluctant to do that, what do you think? All...
  2. Carol Collins


    Hi everyone, A few weeks ago I discovered that a local (about 25 miles away) cinema does 'senior showings' once a week around midday. Us oldies get to see a film plus tea and biscuits for 3pounds (L not lb) - not bad eh? first week we saw UP in 3D - great fun next week was Sunshine cleaning -...
  3. Carol Collins

    A good knight !!!

    I would like to send a big thankyou to steve. p.risboy for helping me in my struggle to put a photo in my message this a.m. I think he deserves a medal for patience and tact. Thanks again Steve, regards Carol:)
  4. Carol Collins


    I've just been e.mailed a photo of my grandmother which I didn't know existed - the photo not the grandmother. I'm thrilled and would like to show it off and maybe use it as my personal pic. How do I do this? Carol:)
  5. Carol Collins

    Cab proprietor

    Is there a register of London cab proprietors/drivers? If so when did this begin and where can I see a copy of it? I have a marriage certificate of 1861 with both groom and father listed as cab proprietors in Clerkenwell Middlesex. Carol :)
  6. Carol Collins

    Can anyone date this photo?

    This photo was found recently in a box of old family photos. It may be possible to identify the lady if I knew the date of the photograph. The style of dress may be a clue to the date. Any help gratefully received. Carol :)