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Search results

  1. lizanne

    what happened to eliza st John?

    Hello , Do you have a copy of the marriage cert ? Thomas's occupation might help with any searches .
  2. lizanne

    a MOODIE family

    Hi Dave, Which census do you have the family on ? Is it any of the UK census ? Did James die in Scotland ?
  3. lizanne

    Charles Henry Jackson

    Hi Nightryder , I've been through all the census and am unable to find anything for Charles & Sarah. I have found a couple of entries For a Charles Jackson , furniture dealer living with his brother George Fulham Road Kensington but he is unmarried. Is it possible that both Charles and Sarah...
  4. lizanne

    Charles Henry Jackson

    Hi Nightryder, There is a possible for Charles Henry on the 1841. Living at Coleville Court , St Pancras , Middx . Given age 21 place of birth Middlesex. Occupation given as upholder , looks like he's a lodger , not with parents. Sarah Jane was baptised in Leicester but where was Annie born ?
  5. lizanne

    McKay / MacKay Reay, Caithness.

    Hi Ian, Sorry only just seen your message. My mistake I meant to put Robert Mckay. Must have been having a blonde moment. I have rechecked and there are 13 possibles I will post the details tomorrow need to go to bed now. Jane
  6. lizanne

    Please look up George Johnson

    Hi nev, Looks like he's living in Maccesfield looks like 19 Sweeten Hall St along with wife Sarah E and children Arthur and Emma both 2 yrs. occupation given as silk thrower. RG13 Piece 3309 Folio88 page 10
  7. lizanne


    Hi Littlemo , The details now ,I have them on the 1861 census living in Old Hall St Kearsley. I will see what I can find out and get back to you. Jane
  8. lizanne

    Prescot St. Helens (1843 to 1853)

    Hi , I've PM'd you. Jane
  9. lizanne

    census look up please

    Hi Rosa, Sorry but I am unable to find Margaret on the 1891, with our without a family. The Margaret on the 1901 is listed as a boarder in a house of refuge in Stockport,her place of birth is given as St.Helens, her occupation is given as domestic servant. As you have sent for a birth...
  10. lizanne

    birth lookup please.

    Hi Rosa, Do you have Henry on any census ? That should give us his place of birth. So far I have found 3 children on the IGI Eleanor b 1838 Henry 1846-1847 Rebecca April-Oct 1837 Are there any other children ? Jane
  11. lizanne

    census look up please

    Hi Rosa, I have found a William Mason b 1855 St Helens wife Sara A b 1859 St Helens his occupation is give as sadler Living Heaton Norris Stockport on the 1891 no children with them. The daughter Rebecca that you found I am unable to find on the 1891 , but it looks like she is living with a...
  12. lizanne

    census look up please

    Hi Rosa, Where was William born ? Do you have her mothers name and DOB. ? The Margaret I found on the 1901 in Stockport was born in St. Helens is that correct.
  13. lizanne

    Great Titchfield Street.

    Hi Annejay, The only Great Titchfield Street I could find is in Westmintser W1W
  14. lizanne

    1851 Surrey.

    Hi Annejay, Was your Janet born in Scotland ? If so I think that this couldbe her on the 1851 living in Bermondsey, mispselt as Janit dob given as 1791. Master mariners widow Ancestry shows just one person living with her Agness Clarke mariners wife born Scotland described as sister in law...
  15. lizanne

    Newbie checking in

    Hi and welcome to the FHUk forum. Good luck with your research.
  16. lizanne

    Prescot St. Helens (1843 to 1853)

    Hi Littlemo, I am guessing that you have James and Mary on the 1851 census in Prescot. Could you let me know when and where they were born, also the names of the children and I will have a look to see if I can find anything. Jane
  17. lizanne

    Ellenor Bond

    I had another look and the only 2 deaths that I can find are the The one for King Johnson 19 Epsom Surrey and Ellen E Johnson 1919 Kingston Surrey. Jane
  18. lizanne

    McKay / MacKay Reay, Caithness.

    Hi Ian, I have gone through the Robert Davidson baptisms in Reay. After discounting earlier Robert's born to the same parents there are 13 possibles. I think that this is where a list of Williams children's names could come in handy if they were following the Scottish naming pattern for their...
  19. lizanne

    McKay / MacKay Reay, Caithness.

    There are quite a few baptisms of Robert Mackay's in Reay alone. I will go through them and get back to you. Jane
  20. lizanne

    McKay / MacKay Reay, Caithness.

    Hi Ian, There is a marriage for a Robert Mackay to a Janet Davidson in Caithness. 1 March 1817 Reay caithness. Do yo know if Robert and Janet stayed in Scotland. If they did and died after 1855 if you could find a record of their deaths on Scotland's People that would give you their parents...