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    Looking for Hannah Wilde baptised probably 1789 from Norton Lees, Sheffield. I have a sampler made by her in 1801

    Looking for Hannah Wilde baptised probably 1789 from Norton Lees. I have her sampler from 1801 which states that , 'Norton Lees is where I dwell'.
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    This is intriguing me

    Fascinating. Re the Hawksley side , yes a Joseph Hawksley (born Norton Lees 1867) married Louisa Callis. My mother was a Callis so it can't be a coincidence that both the Swindells and the Hawksleys were both from Norton Lees though still haven't traced the elusive Hannah Wilde. I think there...
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    This is intriguing me

    Still on track of Hannah Wilde (of sampler fame) but new avenue opened up by discovery that great-great-uncle was rector of Norton Lees in 1899 to 1915 , name Vaniah Odom. So his predecessors or wife's could have been Wildes. His daughter married a SWindell.
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    This is intriguing me

    Although I live in Edinburgh (and have ancestors through the male line here) my mother's family came from Sheffield and I think the sampler came from the Swindells there (my grandmother was a Swindell) though it is now too late to ask her about its provenance. Thanks for alerting me to...
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    This is intriguing me

    Thank you. It's a beautifully worked sampler with border of the seasons and her name forming an acrostic down the left side at beginning of lines. She merely says . 'Norton Lees is where I dwell' and that her name is Hannah Wilde. How does one say thank you on this forum by the way?
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    This is intriguing me

    Wilde family Sheffield We have a sampler worked by Hannah Wilde of Sheffield in 1801. Assume she was an ancestor as family lived in Sheffield but can't find any trace of her birth, death, marriage etc and how she fitted in with my family (Swindell) Any ideas?