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    war records

    Does anyone have access to ww1 records, I am trying to find what battalion Joseph Bennett was in his regiment was the Royal Irish Fusiliers reg number 16576,
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    marriage wife's name and his job

    I have hit a brick wall trying to find the marriage of George marsh born 4th Feb 1781in St Helens registration district is Prescot. Want to find his wife's name and his job. searched Lancashire parish, family search and heritage site.
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    job description

    I have traced William marsh born 1850 St Helens Lancashire in the 1881 census his job description is machinist/engine fitter in the 1891 census his job description is lawer. and here is the puzzler he is supposed to have died before the 1891 census ie march 11 1891.
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    I am trying to trace the marriage of Matthew Danson born 1801 in Scholes wigan I have his wife as Elizabeth? only by the referencing the childrens names that I have for the family but I cannot find any reference to his marriage anywhere,any help would be most welcome.
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    marriage by banns

    I have one of my family's marriage by banns Mathew Danson m Helen Aspinall 1793 Billinge in Lancashire and their first child was born in the same year is this marriage by banns something to do with her being pregnant at the time of their marriage.
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    finding father

    I have a deceased relative name of James Marsh born 1809 windle St Helens Lancashire his wife was Mary Houghton but I cannot find his father any ideas would be most grateful. Regards Ray
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    finding job

    Hi everyone can someone please explain how I would find a person's job description from around 1920 - 1935.
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    William marsh

    I have hit a brick wall with trying to find the marriage of William Marsh born 1850 St Helens Lancs going by the 1891 census I calculated his wedding to be around 1870-1875 his wife's name was Margaret. I have searched all the sites that I know of but there is no trace anywhere. Any advice would...
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    ester almond

    I have inscriptions from the headstone of an old family grave one of the inscriptions reads ester almond died 19/12/1947 age 87yrs, the families I am researching are Proudlove and Marsh from St Helens in Merseyside, further inscriptions show 2 Marshes and 2 Proudloves in the grave. I cannot...
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    please ignore

    Please ignore my last post vol and page numbers as I found where and how to enter the vol and page numbers, but it was no help as it doesn't help me in finding my mother-in-laws parents as she was born after 1911.
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    vol and page numbers

    Doing my research I find volume and page numbers in the search results is there some were to fill in these numbers to get a better search result.I am trying to find my mother-in-laws parents.