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  1. K

    Castlespails, Old Monkland, Lanark

    My 3x Great Grandfather, William Lang, was recorded on the 1881 Census as living on Castle Staples Farm in Old Monkland, Lanark. It took me a while to figure out that Castle Staples Farm was probably Castlespails Farm...but that didn't get me any closer to figuring out what it actually was. He...
  2. K

    Farmer of 100 acres

    I am researching Alexander Walker born 1791 Rayne, Aberdeenshire, who is shown on the 1851 Census as being a "farmer of 100 acres" in Chapel of Garioch, Aberdeenshire. He died in 1858, and it appears that his wife, Janet Bisset Walker, took over running the farm. She is shown in 1861, 1871...
  3. K

    Thomas Smith marriage Manchester

    I am so hoping that someone can help me with this mystery: I am researching a Winifred Bridget Smith, born in 1908, Manchester. Although it is fairly certain that she was born there to Thomas Smith and Margaret Jones (information from Winifred's marriage info - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1930...
  4. K

    Occupation information

    On the 1911 form for Thomas Smith of Manchester, his occupation is listed as "Traveller Fents". I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what that might be. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks. KatieMay
  5. K

    Occupation information

    Hello all: On the 1841 Census, one of the people I was researching gave his occupation as Ind. He was 60 at the time of the census. I suspect the term is short for "independent"...but want to check. As always, any help would be appreciated. Katie May
  6. K

    WWI information

    Hello: I recently have had contact with a cousin who sent me copies of some postcards that our Grandfather, Frederick Kirkham of Boston, LINCS, born 1881, sent to his family (which included my father). My cousin's mother (my Dad's sister) told him that the postcards were sent while Grandpa was...
  7. K

    Gloucestershire placename

    My 4x gg, Robert Marsh, immigrated to New York, then to Upper Canada in the late 1700's. His tombstone still exists and is legible. It reads: "Sacred in the memory of Robert Marsh a native of Lorrige, Gloucestershire, England..." I have tried, unsuccessfuly, to locate a place called Lorrige...
  8. K

    Cemetery transcripts

    Does anyone know if there is a website which lists cemetery transcripts (lists of people interred therein...) - specifically for Boston, LINCS? Such databases are growing here in Canada, but I have been unable to find one for England or Scotland. Thanks. KatieMay
  9. K

    Immigration - Contract Ticket

    My Great Aunt sailed from London, England to Brisbane in 1908. She is listed as having a "Contract Ticket". She was a "domestic" and, it appears, travelling alone (at least, not with any relatives or others from Scotland). I wondered what a contract ticket was - if passage was arranged by an...
  10. K


    Hello everyone! While going back through the English branches of my family tree, I discovered a rather un-English surname among my Lincolnshire ancestors. The name was Desforges - Mary Desforges married my 6x ggrandfather, Robertus Fossett, in Farlesthorpe, LINCS in 1749. It turns out that...
  11. K

    civil parishes in Edinburgh

    I am trying to sift through some information on one Alexander McDonald, born in Edinburgh in 1870. The family was living in the civil parish of Old Church when the 1871 census was taken...but none of the birth records give that place. Might there have been another name for this area? Any...
  12. K

    Illegitimate children

    I have found several ancestors in my line (mid to late 1800's) who bore children "out of wedlock". The first time I found this, I was somewhat surprised...now, I just think, "Well, here's another one!" Was this more common than we have been led to believe? All those stories of straightlaced...
  13. K

    Census information

    This is not a request for a look-up; rather, I am hoping that someone could clarify an entry found on the Boston, Lincolnshire (District 14, Page 11) 1901 census. The entry is for my great-grandfather's (William Kirkham) family and under occupation for both my great grandfather and my...
  14. K

    Glass Bender

    On the 1815 baptism record of my gg grandmother, Emma Townsend, her father's occupation is written as (I think) "glass bender". I tried to find out what this was, but have not had any success. Any ideas? Katie
  15. K

    Certificates of post war credit

    I have several Certificates of Post-War Credit that were issued to my uncle and were among my aunt's papers when she died. Were they a method of the British government fund-raising during the war (WWII)? I was just trying to explain to my nephew what they were and think they must have been...
  16. K

    Informal adoption

    I knew my great-grandfather as William McGown. It is the name he used and his children as well. When researching the family history (he was born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire) I had a great deal of difficulty finding out anything re: his birth (ca 1860), but could find him on the 1871 census in the...
  17. K

    Death information

    I am trying to determine a death date for my uncle, John Thomas Templeton. He was born in Minnigaff, Kirkcudbrightshire (Scotland) in 1912, married Phyllis Kirkham in 1941 in Sheffield. They were still together in the mid 50's, then separated. I believe that "Tommy" stayed in the Sheffield...
  18. K


    Is there a database which I can use to determine if a relative was divorced or will I need to go through a private source? My aunt and uncle were estranged but I do not think they were divorced. I would like to know for certain.
  19. K


    I am new to forums and will take a while to figure out how to navigate around. Looks as though there will be a lot of interesting ideas tossed around. I started researching my family about six years ago. When I get frustrated, I let it go for a bit and then when I'm feeling optimistic, I pick...