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Search results

  1. horrobin

    Swift and brooks

    Hi Thank you. excuse my ignorance but what does occ mean???? Thanks again Pat
  2. horrobin

    Swift and brooks

    Thanks for that it seems to check out with dates. Pat :)
  3. horrobin

    Swift and brooks

    I am now also trying to find the Father of William brooks born 1897 leicester died 1930. Horrobin:confused:
  4. horrobin

    Swift and brooks

    Hi Thanks for that. Brilliant. Pat :D
  5. horrobin

    Swift and brooks

    Hi Julie I don't no exactly what year Ethel's grandmother died yet but she was dead by the time Ethel was 14yrs. Still sad. Regards Horrobin
  6. horrobin

    Swift and brooks

    Hi cranky pants Wow thanks for that it is all new too me I didn't no much about my father's family so am just starting to do some research. I no there was a lot of falling out in the family. Ethel my Dad's Mum remarried when my father was young. His and her first husbands name was BROOKS. Gosh i...
  7. horrobin

    Swift and brooks

    Thanks for that Julie how sad she died in childbirth. Am not sure if Ethel might have been living with her grandparents in leire street leicester. Don't know how correct that is though.
  8. horrobin

    Swift and brooks

    Hi julie, Bit of a whoopsy there i think , of course it will be 1896 and not 1886.:D
  9. horrobin

    Swift and brooks

    Hi both No haven't got it on a census and have had a look Lee and it's all to do with America. Thanks both:confused:
  10. horrobin

    Swift and brooks

    Hi Looking for the birth of ethel louisa swift about 1886 leicester. Mother called louisa and father thomas?? Thanks:kissu:
  11. horrobin

    Clarke Marriage

    Hi Dave Wow can't beleive what you have found the listed family is my great grandparents. I am afraid i dont know anything about Harry's first wife as I said we didn't know anything about a first marriage when we were growing up. My Mum was harry's sister her full name is Patricia Edna Clarke...
  12. horrobin

    Clarke Marriage

    Hi Looking for marriage of Samuel Harry Clarke (harry) Parents names are Bert and madge Clarke. Could have been late thirties either in Oadby, leicestershire. Or in Leicester. Sorry to be a bit vague but i only grew up with his second wife never knew he had been married before till just recently...
  13. horrobin


    Hi all Thanks for getting back to me. I shall have to get to the records office then. Thanks again Horrobin :kissu:
  14. horrobin


  15. horrobin

    clarke's 1600's

    Hi Kinshar I can't beleive it ,after all this time I think you have actually found them for me. Thank you so much :kissu:
  16. horrobin

    Love Letter

    Hi Steve, What a beautiful letter. I found one once in my mum's things after she had died.( She was only 47yrs) My Dad was doing his national service and my Mum had, had me and my sister. I can remember bits of it. Trouble is when my Father remarried My so called step mother threw everything...
  17. horrobin

    Certs. in Frames.

    Hi Steve, thats different, would never have thought of that. What sort of frames, plain or fancy. Pat :D
  18. horrobin

    mary jane rowley

    Hi looking for mary jane bettoney born 1859-1860 Oadby Leicestershire. Thanks Pat
  19. horrobin


    Hi Steve I too have some negatives in my pocession like you had, and for years have been thinking it a waste of time getting them done as I thought they wouldn't be worth it. But now I am thinking differently. Where did you take them to get them done? Ans was it very expensive? If you don't...
  20. horrobin

    clarke, Oadby

    Looking for the marriage of harry clarke about 1880 in oadby Thanks horrobin :D