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  1. Mattygirl

    It was a long 30 minutes

    Defender activated once I removed the other antivirus. Nigel our friend advised that and it is what he does when he goes into businesses to service the computers, I trust Nigel and so far so good!
  2. Mattygirl

    It was a long 30 minutes

    I has been told that Windows 10 has it's own Defender running all the time as does Windows 8. This was told to me by a man who goes into Businesses and sets up computers for a living. So I don't have any other antivirus.
  3. Mattygirl

    It was a long 30 minutes

    Up to 11 months ago I had Windows 7 and loved it, then I downloaded Windows 10 free, the down load was easy and didn't take long (this was the 1st week in August) so off I went trying to find my way around. I found that I couldn't get into settings at all and that did not correct it's self...
  4. Mattygirl

    Wally moments.

    Oh I can beat that! I did the opposite a month or so later, offered a lift then found I didn't take the car.. no excuse I was much younger then and cant blame it on old age. I prefer to call them "Blond moments" This beats my others and my first Blond moment, my excuse was I was newly married...
  5. Mattygirl

    Wally moments.

    Wally Moment? well I have had quite a few over the years this is just one. Going shopping one day taking the car, did shopping and then met a friend who offered me a lift home.. well you guessed it I accepted and only outside my house did I remember I had gone in the car. I didn't say anything...
  6. Mattygirl

    BLOOMFIELD 1871 Occupation

    Hi Dave, It look like Visitor to me if you enlarge the photo the first letter is a V
  7. Mattygirl

    Hi I am new to the site

    Thanks Ellie, If you have Lancashire Ancestors then http://www.lan-opc.org.uk/ is a good free site to visit plus there are links to other sites as well.
  8. Mattygirl

    Hi I am new to the site

    Thanks Dave, I am still trying to find my way around! Amanda send me some information on Mary I will see if I can help.
  9. Mattygirl

    Hi I am new to the site

    Hi Amanda & Steve, Thank you both for the welcome I am still finding my way around. I am willing to help anyone find their missing family no promises of success though!
  10. Mattygirl

    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    Hi I got addicted to Family History about twenty years ago, it really started long before that when my Mother-in-Law used to tell our 9 year old Daughter about her family and in Laws and they wrote it down in a small book. Years later I had this information with names and dates to start me off...
  11. Mattygirl

    Hi I am new to the site

    Hi I am new to the site but would just like to introduce myself. My forum name is Mattygirl and my Avatar is of Matty (the cat) she is no longer with us but was here at the start of my research into Family History many years ago, like everyone else I have a number of brick walls that at time I...