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Search results

  1. ibsearching

    Crashing FTM - Help!!

    :) Hi Just wondered if anyone could help me, I have been trying to resolve this problem all day and have had no luck. I have FTM installed on my laptop, it has been working fine without a problem then out of the blue a problem! I can load my tree but when I try to merge the program just...
  2. ibsearching

    William Malthouse

    Hi everyone x I was just wondering if anyone could help me find out if my William born 1824 Osgathorpe was married twice. I have him married to Ann Pickering in 1842 I have him as having 4 children William 1847 Joseph T 1854 Martha Jane 1856 Alfred John 1859 I have found another persons...
  3. ibsearching

    Could use a little help ;)

    Hiya,:) Im looking fo a little help with birth records for Margaret Blenkarn (poss middle name Rose) Year of birth 1881 Frederick Blenkarn both born England Parents are listed as Alfred Elston Blenkarn & Annie Peart. I...
  4. ibsearching

    a quick hi

    Hi guys just wanted to say a quick hello, have not been on for a while due to life getting in the way lol x hope you are all well x :)
  5. ibsearching

    Australian Marriages

    Hi Guys,:) I am looking for a little help, if poss.;) I have uncovered a relative Alfred Elston Blenkarn that move to Australia and died In Melbourne West in 1903. He was married Annie Peart. He took his children with him and I am looking for information on marriages etc if any one can help...
  6. ibsearching

    Archibald McArthur

    :) Archibald Is my 2nd great Grandfather, His Surname has been passed down in the family as a middle name. The only information I can tell anyone is that he had a daughter Named Harriet Allen McArthur born 19 Dec 1879 and He married a lady called Agnes Duncan? not sure if thats a surname or...
  7. ibsearching

    I just dont seem to be able to find!!

    Hi everyone! I have printed off an error report for my tree, all two pages of it! ( there was 3 last time ) lol. I have lots of marriage dates missing, if anybody could help me out with any of these it would be a great help. John Barker born about 1839 scawton yorkshire died 1906 married a...
  8. ibsearching

    Help with NZ Census info

    :) Hello. Looking for a little bit of help ;) I have found census information in New Zealand for My Great Grand Uncles but I can not view the contents eek) . Would it be possible for someone to help me out? O0 I would be very greatful x Bertram Percy Blenkarne born 1889 in England moved to...
  9. ibsearching

    Just a quick thank you

    Hiya x just wanted to say a big thank you to all that have helped me over last few days x still got a lot of work to do lol but I have managed to uncover a few unspoken about things in the family x you are all fantastic people, using your own time to help others is a really nice thing to do x...
  10. ibsearching

    William Stanley or Stanley William

    :)Hi every one, back again for more help lol:) Before My Gran died she gave me a little info about my Granfathers family. She gave me the name of my Great Grandfather as William Stanley Blenkarne. with a year of birth as 1887. I have had a look around and Have come up with a 1901 Census...
  11. ibsearching

    Finding a maiden name ...help required!

    :) Hi not sure if anyone can help but worth a shot lol :) I am looking for a maiden name for a Ann Garrs. Here is the information that I have: Death Dec 1896 Middlesbrough Marriage Oct-Nov-Dec 1846 Darlington volume number 24 page 69 Date of birth either 1812 or 1814. She married Isaac Garrs...
  12. ibsearching

    Death of Helena Ann Pattison

    :) Hello looking for a little help. I can not find a death date for My Great Grandmother Helena Ann Pattison. She was Born Helena Ann Garrs 1891 in middlesbrough, she then married my Great Grandfather Joseph Bonner in 1914 again in middlesbrough. Joseph Bonner died in 1931 and Helena...
  13. ibsearching

    New to familyhistory Uk

    :) Hello! Found this site today and thought I would join and see if a) I can get information for my family tree research & b) help someone with theirs x :) Off to have a browse of the site now lol. See if I can come up with any fresh information. Catch up no doubt with some of you soon...