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    Birth and Marriage of Mary Bass

    Hello, i am trying to find the birth of a Mary "Polly" Rebecca Reed Bass, all i know is that she was born in 1869 in Topsham. Her parents were Susanna Bass and John Bass. Also looking for her marriage details, i know that she married Joseph Scudamore and they had 10 children!! They could of got...
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    Alice Jane Oak

    Hi again, im looking for the birth of Alice Jane Oak, i know she was born in 1882 and her parents were Mary Crosse and Lewin Thomas Oak. Thanks Emma
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    Williams James Bass

    Hello im lookng for the birth of William James Bass, i know he was born in 1879 and i know his parents were Susanna Bass formerly Norman and John Bass. Thanks Emma
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    Edith A Bass

    Hi now i am looking for the birth of Edith A Bass. I know she married Edward Stanley Parkhouse in 1933 in Cardiff. Thanks Emma :biggrin:
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    Jean H Parkhouse

    Hello i am looking for the details of the birth of Jean Parkhouse. I know that she married James Alfred Webb in 1955 in Oxfordshire and she currently still lives in Oxfordshire. I am not 100% how old she is but i think maybe around 75ish. Thanks Emma :)
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    Mary Ann Coles

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone can help me? I have found out a bit more info going further back in my family and i wanted to see if anyone can give me more info on a Mary Ann Coles. All i know is that her father was called Edwin Coles. She married Alfred Webb on Nov 18th 1899 at St...
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    Hi everyone, Im just seeing if anyone can work out what relation someone is to me! Been trying to work it out, i think maybe 2nd cousin but not sure. He is Kevin, My grandmother is his Aunt. I have found loads of family i didnt no i had!! its fab, thanks again for evryones help in the...
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    Joy Parker (My Grandmother)

    Hello I have found out a bit of information about my nan through a bit of help on here. I know she was born in 1934 (11th Feb) and that she married in 1955 to my grandather Peter Fox. The only bit im unsure about is her middle name. It came up as Ivy but my aunt has just told me that it isnt...
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    Cyril Bonner

    Hi, i am looking for the birth of a Cyril Bonner. All i no is that he was the cousin of my gramo, James Webb. He had siblings called Jack and Mary, He has lived in Oxfordshire all his life as far as we know. Would be very pleased if anyone can help me. Thanks Emma :biggrin:
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    New information regarding Fox family

    New Information Regarding Fox Family Hi Everyone, The info ive been sent regarding my dads family is a little confusing. There is E L 1986 which is me, (Emma Louise), R J 1989,(Richard James) which is my brother but there is also E J which i dont have any idea who it is? Can anyone help me? My...
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    Starting out.

    Hi Everyone. My name is Emma. I am very new to this so i dont really know what im doing to be honest but im sure i will learn. I am interested in searching for my fathers side of the family, my grandparents names were Peter George Fox and Joy (not sure of her maiden name). :o Um, not really...