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    The Wanderer

    Thanks Julie ... should of read the rules Oooops
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    The Wanderer

    Hi all I posted a introduce yourself but it didn't appear. So must have done something wrong ( what's new ) I am as most looking for further history on my family names .. the Irish Acheson Scottish Aitcheson also my Grand mother name Menzies in Fife Scotland ...claim to fame "Big Ming " the...
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    Newbie looking for info on Acheson (Ireland ) Aitcheson ( Scotland) Menzies

    I am hoping maybe some members have information to share on my family Acheson from Ireland Omagh, Drumquin, Country Tyrone, Ireland when coming to Scotland it changed to Aitcheson Bathgate, West Lothian, Glencraig Lochgelly fife also on my grandmothers side Menzies Cowdenbeath Fife.... I...
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    The Wanderer

    Hi all my name is Paul early retired General Manager in Turkey , me and my wife spend our time and live between Istanbul and the South Coast of England originally resident in Scotland and wish to research my family names Acheson from Ireland later to change Aitcheson when coming to Scotland...