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    ...... The Scarlet Pimpernel!

    ...... They seek him here, they seek him there .... They seek him everywhere!! How do you set about finding an ancestor that doesn't seem to want to be found? My first finding of the family was the 1841 census where 4 siblings where living with the eldest siblings wife's family where living...
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    Thankyou.x I am just finding my way about.
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    What is your earliest memory?

    I was 3, it was Whit Sunday. I rememember meeting my brother for the first time, my mum holding him, the candlewick bedspread on the bed, my gran being there. my dad helping me to dress in my whit clothes, that had been made by mum's friend who was a seemstress. .....I was all in dusky pink...
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    Hi I just joined. I am popping in to say hello.