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    Stuart Reid STIMSON

    Hi Dave Ham, I have checked the little card The spelling is Stewart I agree with you there but Reid is spelled correctly there. If you look closer the dot of theletter i looks like a bit of a dirt spot the early digital copiers were accurate but sensed dirt marks So Im of the opinion that REED...
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    Stuart Reid STIMSON

    Hi Dave,seeing that Stuart came to Western Australia in 1908 they would not have correct data in Sydney and the persons that wrote that bit of history did not know him.Stuart Reid Stimson is correct. Bit of a history lesson there I turns out that the Reid family fought on the side of the Stuarts...
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    STIMSON family

    Hi Dave Ham,Re Stimsons in Australia. Stuart Reid Stimson was the third son of Joseph Stimson. Born 1878 in the Glebe, Sydney NSW and Barbara Stuart Reid Born !2 March 1851 in Paisley,Renfrewshire,Scotland. Stuart Reid Stimson was my grandfather and Ethel Cowdrill was my grand mother they...