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    Philips marriage

    Hello, I would appreciate some help looking for a marriage between John Philips and wife Mary. I have no maiden name. It is likely the marriage took place at St James Clerkenwell, London about 1760. Their first child was born 1762, and all were baptised at St James.
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    This one's a long shot, but...

    If no one's busy, would they mind having a quick baptism search for a Magdalene Le Duc/ Ledukes Born: abt. 1740's (any time in this decade) Lived: Shoreditch/Bethnal Green, London Married: William Shelton 1767, St Leonard Shoreditch Parents: Jean Le Duc (Father) Siblings: possibly a sister...
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    Jeanne Lenglet -France

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a subscription to the worldwide package on Anc***ry. I have found a record that might be the correct one but as it's in France, I don't have access to it. Can anyone help me? I'm not sure how to convey details as it was a 'hint' but this is what I know Jeanne...
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    Just a quick question...

    Hi everyone, I just want to ask for your opinions. I am searching a particular line and believe I have the right people; for instance, all the dates are feasible and the occupations of fathers support what I know so far etc. I have also found the other children of various sets of parents and all...
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    London Streets

    Sorry, wasn't sure where to post this, but was wondering whether anyone had access or knowledge of early 19th Century streets/places in London; in particular, the East End. I have an image of Greenwood's map of 1827, but am looking for 'Georges Place'. My concern is that it may have been...
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    Have I got the right page?

    Hi, I'm ordering a cert and I remember ordering this one once before but they said the page was incorrect, despite copying it straight from the transcription on a****try. I know it sounds like a pretty simple thing to do by oneself, but the page number is a little blurred on the document, so...
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    Need help with illegible Baptism.

    Hello, could anyone help me 'translate' this baptism. I think it says "Thomas, son of James Spencer something, something &Mary." Can anyone read it? Thanks for any help. Ryan:) (I hope you can see it redf) )
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    Advice desperately needed!

    Hi everyone, I've been searching for a Thomas Spencer, the father of Charlotte Spencer, in Censuses, marriages etc. and have come up with little. However, I came across a record that lists him lodging in St James' Square, St James Westminster with Lord Cranmore. This could possibly be my...
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    Trade Directory Look up

    Wasn't sure where to put this but would anyone be able to search the trade directories for London? I have never used them and don't know where to find them, so if anyone could help that would be great. I'm not even sure the record I'm looking for exists as the year concerned is 1737. I'm...
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    Baptism Early-Mid 1700's

    Hi, me again, you're probably fed up with my posting but I have a question. Since A*****y have transcribed the LMA's London Parish registers, I have been able to find one or two elusive records; one of these may be one I've been looking for for over a year, but I have absolutely no way of...
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    Deaths in the Workhouse

    Hi, I have someone who died in the Bethnal Green Workhouse, but cannot find any records regarding this. Are there any workhouse records available?
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    London Baptism

    Hi everyone, I've made a thread about this lady before and she is proving to be difficult. I received her death certificate this morning and have been doing some searching but have not come up with anything. I'm trying to find a baptism for her as I have now narrowed down her birth year. These...
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    Any tips on pre-1800 marriages?

    Hi, does anyone have any tips for searching pre-1800 (in my case probably around 1790's) in London when all you have are the names, and with only the internet as your resource? Thanks for any help. Ryan:)
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    Birth/Baptism of Lillian(e) Selina Stephens

    Hi, sorry for relying on your help, but I am so stuck at the moment. I have a Lillian Selina Stephens whose parents are as far back as I have been able to get on this line. I'm looking for her baptism and/or censuses as I can only find her in the 1891. These are the details I have for her...
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    Can anyone read this?

    Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble reading the occupations of two people on the 1871 Census. I could only upload the entire page so the people I'm looking at are: John Sheen (5th name down from the top) Ellen Sheen (his wife) I can't read their occupations, and if anyone could help with where...
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    Ritchley Fannon Marriage

    Hi, just a quick lookup request. I'm looking for a marriage in London between Annie Mary Fanny Ritchley and William Thomas Fannon. I think it was 1893, or certainly around that time. Annie was born in Berlin so her maiden name might be a slight variation of Ritchley before Anglicising it...
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    Converting from C of E to Roman Catholicism

    Hi all, I wasn't sure where to post this. My Grandfather and his family were all Church of England, but in order to marry my Irish, Catholic Grandmother, he had to convert. He is the only one in that side of the family to be Catholic, and as a result we (my family) are all Catholic now. So...
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    Irish Ancestry: Where to start?

    Hi, Now, I've a branch of my family who are Irish; my Grandmother came over and married my Grandfather in the '50's, and I know very little about her family. Although I've managed to extract some info out of her, I always feel she is reluctant to talk about it. (not a happy childhood as far as...
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    Elizabeth Hammond Burial St Giles, London

    Hi everyone, Seem to be posting a lot lately, but info is coming thick and fast! I've recently found out that Elizabeth Hammond died 'suddenly' in 1767, and was buried on the 6 Dec 1767. ( her widowed husband re-married within a few weeks so a bit of suspicion and scandal, possibly) Would...
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    How to trace parents with no records

    Hi, I feel slightly guilty for relying heavily on your expertise, but this is more of an advice thread than a look up. So I've got a Charlotte Spencer born in abt 1811, and I've no idea where other than London. I've no records other than her marriage but that doesn't list parents. At this stage...