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    Could some kind person look for Alfred Hans Hellisen in Gippsland 1890-1930 electoral rolls please Bushy
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    Fathers name

    Anyone like to have a guess at Alfred John's fathers name born out of wedlock Mother's name is Martha Burke Bushy
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    Anyone know when Passports started or became compulsory in Australia I would have thought about 1900 -1914 I have a small photo of my great-grandfather The family thinks it was a passport photo but he died in 1895 He came out to Aus sometime between 1851 and 1883 Bushy
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    Could someone please lookup SAVINE, Joe 1840 51 M Hendon Middlesex RG12 piece 1044 folio 73 page 14 I would like to know his occupation and place of birth Gee I wish they would use their birth names , then it would be easy I spose Bushy
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    ORCHARD, Mary

    Could someone please lookup ORCHARD, Mary 1836 15 F Chippenham Wiltshire HO107 piece 1836 folio 608 page 2 I would like to know her relationship to the rest of the family of Savin's she is living with And what is the Before Mge on the census is she a stepdaughter Thank Bushy
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    Savine Rifle brigade

    Try to find a bit more information on my wifes grandfather Robert Ernest SAVINE I have his medal card, no other war records found (A) 2/rif Brig, Pte, 6/9894 (B) 595/Labour corps 343936 Qualifying Date 7-11-14 WS/5/2713 I know there were a lot of rifle brigades but would his service number...
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    John Holbrook, childs name

    Could someone please have a look at 1851 census for HOLBROOK, Jno 1816 35 M St Martin in the Fields Middlesex HO107 piece 1481 folio 271 page 8 He is with his wife Sarah But I can't work out what the childs name is (Jane Gg James 1845 ) Bushy
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    Phebe HALL

    Could someone please lookup Phebe Hall 1834 17 F Saint Ives Huntingdonshire HO107 piece 1749 folio 122 page 7 I would like to know her relationship to John and charlotte also were does william fit in Bushy EDIT.. I put this in the wrong year sorry Should be 1851 census
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    Sarah GARNER lookup

    Could someone do a lookup for me please GARNER, Sarah 1814 RG12 piece 74 folio 101 page 46 would like to know if she is a widow and if Anne and Louisa are her daughters Bushy
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    GARNER, William

    could someone please lookup GARNER, William 1851 RG12 piece 74 folio 131 page 5 GARNER, William 1887 would like to know their birth places as well as william the father's occupation Bushy
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    William Sanderson 1883

    Could someone please lookup SANDERSON, William 1883 Camberwell London RG13 piece 496 folio 68 page 8 He should be living with his grand parents Would like to know his occupation so I can possibly find him in the 1911 Bushy
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    Le Bosquet 1871

    Could someone lookup these to find if they both were born Flushing Cornwall Also their familys if possible And is George discribed as Deaf LE BOSQUET, George* 1825 46 M Plymouth Devonshire RG10 piece 2117 folio 69 page 38 LE BOSQUET, Charles 1820 51 M Thanet Kent RG10 piece 992 folio 41 page 10...
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    George BASGUET 1861

    Could someone please lookup the relationship between BASGUET,Julia W 1797 64 F Stoke Damerel Devonshire RG09 piece 1456 folio 117 page 13 And George BASGUET There should be a Julia Mc Donald living with her as well and that should be her Daughter Bushy
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    EKE 1911 Census

    Could someone please lookup EKE, Phyllis 1910 1 F Mansfield Nottinghamshire Is she living with her mother and father Bushy
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    Could someone please lookup the occupation of William Harrison On his daughters marriage cert 1838 fathers occupation is NAILSTER Been unable to find out what this is, census might give a clue HARRISON, Wm 1801 40 M Glanford Brigg Lincolnshire 1841 HO107 piece 649 folio 18/23 page 8 1851 HO107...
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    Any one know what a Nailster is for a job in 1820 Only thing I can think of is something like a horse shoe nail maker Any ideas Bushy
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    lookup please

    RG09 piece 1204 folio 9 page 12 Are the JONAS and RANSOME familys living under the same roof Bushy
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    Can someone please lookup the relationship between these two and their address please BULLOCK, William 1813 38 M Grantham Lincolnshire HO107 piece 2103 folio 55 page 37 BULLOCK, John 1836 15 M Grantham Lincolnshire Bushy
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    EKE Family

    Could someone please lookup ?, Thomas 1858 33 M Aylsham Norfolk RG12 piece 1513 folio 7 page 4 ?, Thomasina 1851 40 F Aylsham Norfolk ?, Sarah 1884 7 F Aylsham Norfolk ?, Thirza 1886 5 F Aylsham Norfolk Transcibers couldn't read family name by the look of it Also could...
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    Could someone please lookup Henry COX c1844 Thame ,is he living with the CHALK family Bushy