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    What A Surprise!

    I'm a member of a local website and a week ago I went to the Library with another member looking for old, interesting,local stories for the Wiki Section. We took a box each and went through them all and as we were packing away ready to go,I just had a quick shufty through the other box. I almost...
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    Help! I'm Lost

    Hi All, I think that I have found some Army Papers of my GGGrandad. Problem is:confused:none of the places given as to where he was born make any sense to me:confused: Name: Michael Meleady Calculated Year of Birth: 1831 Parish of Birth: Litter Town of...
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    Happy New Year

    I just want to wish all members A Very Happy Healthy Peaceful New Year:) Happy Hunting to You All for 2011 O0 Thanks to everyone who helped me in 2010, and I promise to keep Mithering in 2011:confused: Littlemo :kissu:
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    My Family Photo's (I Hope)

    Here is a photograph of my Maternal Gran Sarah Donnelly nee Burrows, born November 14th 1889. The Skeleton in the Family cupboard is that her parents William and Mary Jane didn't marry until 7thDecember 1889eek) I think this photo must have been taken around 1907...
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    After seeing Steve's wonderful photo of his Gran, I'd like to post some of my own but I'm having no success whatsoever. Would some kind soul please explain (In Idiot's:rolleyes: language) how I do this? Thanks. Littlemo
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    How Flamin Much?

    Now Winter is here and I won't be able to get out as much, I thought I would treat myself to a subscription on one of the Family Ancestry Sites and I am in a state of complete eek) at the prices. I did fancy Fi** M* Pa** until I saw the price tag of £149:confused: Any helpful advice anyone...
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    I'm Back!!!

    Hi Everyone, I'm back after a really wonderful, relaxing hol:) The weather has been in the 70's all the time I was in Turkey except for one day when there was the most magnificent storm. Thunder,Lightning,Torrential Rain,Power Cuts,Swimming Pools Overflowing:::::What a spectacular sight it was...
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    Don't Think I've Deserted

    After all the help I have been given lately I don't want you all thinking I have disappeared:rolleyes: But on Wednesday, I am going to Turkey for a month. So while I'm there, I shall be doing nothing more strenuous than having a nice quiet gentle stroll down to the Seafront in Calis and sitting...
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    Any Suggestions?(Polite One's Please)

    I'm trying to trace my GGGran's Sister. On the Census her name is given as Nancy,what I need are different names for Nancy:confused: For instance Elizabeth could be down as Betty,Beth etc, but Nancy:rolleyes: I have no idea Also, could someone tell me where to start looking for...
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    James Burrows Look Up Please

    Could anyone very kindly see if they can find James Burrows whose job is listed on his Son William's Marriage Certificate as a Miner? As William was born in 1871 in Abram, I really need a look up for James in 1861/71/81/or 1891 in the Abram/Wigan/Lancashire area:) William was married in 1889...
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    Look Up Please!

    I have found my Great-Great-Grandparents in the 1881 Census living in Black Brook, Haydock. There is William Hodkinson (36) Ann Hodkinson (33) Mary Jane (12) John (11) Henry (9) William (5) Charles(3) and Samuel(1) William is a Coal Miner born in Blackrod,Lancashire, and Ann his wife was born in...
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    One Man Two Women!

    I found my GGG Grandparents in the 1851 Census living in Prescot. Trying to find their marriage date I thought I had it from BMD as James Donnelly and Mary Welsh married at St. Mary's in December 1843. However, I have been looking on Roots and come up with a James Donnelly Vol 20 Page 762 Mary...
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    1911 Lookup Please

    Hi All, Could anyone please have a look for John and Mary Murray, possibly living at Dukinfield St. Leigh, Lancs. I'd like to find out if they were still taking in Lodgers to supplement their income. Thanks:) Littlemo
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    Michael Donnelly

    Hi Everyone, I havn't been on here for quite a while as I became sick of banging my head against a brick wall and getting nowhere:mad: Anyway I'm ready for another go, so here is the story so far: Michael Donnelly was born in Prescot in 1850, and he died in Leigh in 1894. My problem is still...
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    Help! Conflicting Information

    Hi All, Can anyone help me with this little problem, which I can"t seem to fathom out for Love nor Moneyeek) In the 1851 Census my GGGran as listed as living in Bold St. Prescot Lancs. Name:Mary Donnelly Age:36 Born 1815 Birth Parish: Rochdale, Birth County: Lancaster. In the 1861Census...
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    No! I Havn"t deserted FHUK

    Hi All, No I havn"t joined my dear departed ancestors, or eloped with Paxo(Worse Luck) I have just had to give myself a break as I was going round in circles and meeting myself coming back:confused: (Not a Pretty Sight) Anyway I feel refreshed and ready to go again, and try and knock down a...
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    Abducted by Aliens?

    Hi All, As Iv"e mentioned in another Post on here, I can"t find my Relie"s The Burrows Family in the 1901 Census. I have them in 1891 & 1911, but 1901 they seem to have been Abducted.:confused: Can anyone think of a reason why a Family if at least 7 People would not appear? According to what I...
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    Save me from the Screaming Ab Dabs!

    Hi All, I"m having great difficulty in finding my GGrandparents in the 1901 Census. In 1891 I have found them lodging with another family in Bartons New Row in Leigh Lancs. In 1901 however, there is to trace:confused: The family members are William Burrows b 1871 in Abram Lancs, Mary...
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    Complete Brick Wall!

    Hi All, In February, I visited Fulwood Army Museum as I found out from the 1871 Census that my GGrandad was stationed there. They very kindly offered to try to find his Army Records, but I have just received a letter from them saying although they have Researched extensively they cannot...
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    The Completly Wrong Family

    Hi Everyone. After feeling rather pleased with myself in finding out info on my Gran"s Fabily (Burrows) I find now that I"ve been researching the wrong family eek) Her name was Sarah Burrows and I think she was born in Leigh Lancashire in December 1889. (I had...