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    Suffolk Wills

    hi is there an index online to which wills are being held by people from suffolk? ive tried searching but its all a bit confusing, and im looking for an index like Lancashire has where i can view the list of names whos wills are held. thanks.
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    Stannard / Wilkinson

    hi, im looking for information regarding the marriage of Joseph Stannard and Sarah Wilkinson . they lived in Badingham Suffolk after their marriage , their first child was born in 1810. by the 1841 census sarah was dead (1837 baddingham) so im unable to find where she came from. the only...
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    Mary Ann Easey

    hello everyone, my mother was well pleased with the family tree i gave her on crimbo day - many thanks to all who helped my research . :) im now stuck on another line, this time its Mary Ann Easey who the census tells me was born in Laxfield, Suffolk in about 1791. she appeared to have had a...
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    Elizabeth Cliffton

    Elizabeth Clifford well yet again im requesting help if theres anyone who can.. i now know that my great great grandfather married elizabeth clifford in manchester in 1845. her father was samuel - a stocking weaver. throughout her census years (minus 1861 where shes not there) after marriage...
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    marrying relations.?.

    hi ok.... so ive got a possibility here, im not sure about what was legal back in 1793 and 1816. william hill married rachael hutchinson in 1816, williams father was william, his parents might have been john and elizabeth was his wife. rachael hutchinsons mother was betty hill, bettys...
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    Joseph Hill - Elizabeth

    yep im in trouble again! i cant find anything out about the marriage of Joseph Hill and Elizabeth. their first child was born in Derby in 1790, ann, and apart from Rachael in 1793 ive nothing else. im looking for the marriage to Elizabeth, and the place. other info like occupation/parents...
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    Green - Holliss

    hi.... at another impasse.. again >:D im looking for any info - age/parents for Henry Green who married Margaret Holliss at nuneaton in 1786. yet again there are multiple choices and im trying to discover which henry green married margaret holliss in 1786 in nuneaton. thanks!
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    Washington - ann

    hello again... well my mothers side of the family are a real pain! im trying to get her tree together for christmas, itll be a better gift then an object. lol. having trouble yet again, this time identifying the birth of Ann Washington, c 1761 (ive found several census and her death) in...
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    hi again! im requesting a little help again. i cannot find a marriage for James Knight and Ellen Coleman , sometime between 1836 and 1847. could be in Derby, Leeds or Dover! or anywhere else for that matter. ive had no luck on the igi nor find my past, but tbh the results are so plentiful i...
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    ages at death.

    hi i could do with finding out how old several people were when they died, and who they were married to. so far ive been unable to discover this online, i am hoping someone can point me in the right direction or look them up for me if they have access i dont. all burials are at standish...
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    Edwin Hill

    hello again.... having real trouble in locating a marriage, i cannot find one on the igi or familysearch sites. any pointers on where to look would be most helpful, or a discovery from a different source. Edwin Hill was born in Ockbrook Derbyshire in 1825. by the census of 1851 he was married...
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    Johnathan Finney - Staffordshire

    hi my resources have run out, im looking for the marriage of Johnathan Finney to an Ann , probably in Staffordshire (might be Derbyshire as they lived near the boarder) in 1700 - 1708, the first born child (John) (that ive found so far) was christened 28/1/1708 at Ellastone . thanks.
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    Emily Finney - rocester

    hi has anyone got access to information regarding the birth of Emily Finney born in quarter 4 , at Rocester Staffordshire in 1860 please? i believe her father was George, her mother might be Hannah (theres a matching marriage) but cannot find them on the census's and without knowing her...
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    unhelpful vicars?

    hi has anyone else had problems with vicars? ive emailed two, rang and left messages about the possibility of viewing burial records, but ive had no response whatsoever. ok, they are busy i guess, but they are only the temporary custodians of where my/our ancestors lie.
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    William Hill - Ockbrook Derbyshire

    hi i was wondering if anyone had access to the ockbrook burials for the period 1831-1841. im stuck on my great x3 grandfather, i cant find out which william hill he is out of several contenders christened about the right time, hence cannot go back further as i dont know his parents. i know...
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    immigration records?

    hi is there a database somewhere that lists arrivals from the uk to the usa and canada? i appear to have distant relatives in both the usa and canada. the sticking point might be that im thinking more 17th, 18th early 19th century then victorian.
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    another sticking point...

    hi again... so ive traced my lineage back to thomas (who married isabel - other thread), and ive found his baptism. (in 1711 standish lancs) . his parent are listed as 'alexander and jane'. my problem is.... i cannot find a marriage between alexander and jane (using find my past, nothing in...
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    Alexander , Mary and Thomas Shaw lancs

    hi has anyone access to the 1841 census for lancashire? , im trying to find out where my (known) greatx3, greatx2 grandfathers lived in 1841. my great x3 grandfather , alexander (born 1793) his wife mary (also born 1793) their son thomas (born 1818) along with others children (ellen 1816...
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    ages upon death.

    hi im at an impasse ... i have delved back to the 17th century with several possible lines on ancestry. my problem is discovering which line is mine, i have a few choices of people with the same name, within the age range, at the time of marriage. ive got dates of burials for these 'possibles'...
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    best research website?

    hi i was wondering which research site is the best value for money? ancestry? my heritage? find my past? etc.