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  1. g d cooper

    One for Edward

    Thought you might like this
  2. g d cooper


    I sent away for a marriage certificate a few weeks ago from NSW Birth deaths and Marriages, any ideas on how long it is taking at the moment. It's been a while since I got my last one from them and it seems a bit slow. Glen :biggrin:
  3. g d cooper

    computer help

  4. g d cooper


    http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/world/skeleton-of-renowned-explorer-matthew-flinders-is-lying-in-the-path-of-london-rail-link-and-could-be-exhumed/story-fni6um3i-1226839791252 Glen:biggrin:
  5. g d cooper

    The visit

    As many know I found my Dads family with the help of the people here 3 years ago. Two of my cousins landed in Australia yesterday from England I will see them on the weekend. I am so excited with Dad being the only one to live in Australia and never having family on ether side, Real live...
  6. g d cooper

    IN Aus

    Time team right now ABC looks good:D Glen:biggrin:
  7. g d cooper

    NSW State library

    Spent a great day there today. Glen
  8. g d cooper

    the road to UNE

    This is the Road that runs up to the University of New England very charming. NSW Australia. Glen:cool:
  9. g d cooper

    A bit cool this morning

    This is what we woke to this morning in the New England in Aus. Glen :2fun::biggrin:
  10. g d cooper

    in Aus

    Time team ABC.:2fun: :biggrin:
  11. g d cooper

    a bit cold

    out the front gate this morning.
  12. g d cooper

    Gave me a smile

  13. g d cooper

    Great day

    Had a great day today spent to many hours in the UNE Heritage Centre and Regional Archives. I was there to research for uni but got sidetracked a number of times will be going again for sure. Well worth a visit if you have ancestors from the New England well worth a visit. While I had no need to...
  14. g d cooper

    marks are in.

    Just got my marks for the first semester a credit and a distinction very pleased. Next semester I'm doing Local and Community history which includes family history, with History Research in which we have to develop a research project of our choice. But now I need to get a dishwasher fitted into...
  15. g d cooper

    Dads records

    Hi : My Dad served in the royal navy during 2WW and stayed here at the end of the war. Although he spent a lot of time in hospitals from 1946 till his death in 1959 he managed to have 4 children here. I thought I'd get his records when I went to England but that is unlikely now so how do I get...
  16. g d cooper

    get together

    Hi All had a great day yesterday went down to Coffs harbour for a get together of Clan (care leaver Australia network) meet a lot of great people and as happens when we get together talk go's to lost family that can not be found. As you can imagine finding were and who we come from is an...
  17. g d cooper

    Ready for Christmas

    Hi all thought I'd share this Jude and I are ready I think note the fire yes December in Aus and the fire is needed. Merry Christmas from the Copper's
  18. g d cooper

    On holiday

    HI well one more year of my history degree done and three months off who to go looking for now.:biggrin: Think its time to get James Hopkinson marriage cert and see were it takes me . Glen. :2fun:
  19. g d cooper


    Well here in Aus we got out of bed to snow today the flys are wearing ug boots. more fire wood needed.:o:2fun::2fun: Glen :biggrin:
  20. g d cooper

    sunny Australia

    For those that think of Aus as sunny beaches and red dust plains we have snow tonight in the New England just been out and got a good load of wood in for the fires .Ill see if I can get some photos in the morning. Glen the snow man.:2fun: