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    John Tunbridge, No:1561, 43rd Regiment of Foot

    Hi I'm hoping that someone just maybe able to help me with some research I'm doing in regards to a John Tunbridge, my 3 x Great Grandmother's second husband. While I do have some records and information on him it is rather spare. The main reason will be that he did die at Fort St George...
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    Surrey Yeomanry - James A Robertson

    Hi I'm hoping that someone maybe able to help me with the following: I'm currently researching James Anthony Robertson born in June 23rd, 1873 in Edinburgh, Scotland. There is a mention on his application for appointment to a commission in the Territorial Force (Army Form E 536) that he was...
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    Regimental Burial Records

    Hi I hope that someone maybe able to help with the following: My 3 x Great Grandfather Pte Edmund (Edmond) Townsend, Reg 564, of the 52nd Regiment of Foot was relocated from Barbados in 1842 to Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Shortly after arriving he died (16th June 1842). I cannot find...
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    Military Regimental Births, Marriages & Deaths

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help with this. In the Military Foot Regiments where were the soldiers children baptized, where were the Soldiers married and where were the death ceremonies preformed. Why I ask is that I have a number of ancestors who were involved with the Foot Regiments...
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    JG Kirkwood - Burial - Kenya

    Hi I'm looking for a burial for a Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd) James George Kirkwood who died on 20th March 1955 at the Mt Kenya Hospital, Nyeri, (near Nairobi) Kenya. James was born in New Zealand in 1872 and was in South Africa when the Boer War was on. He served not only in the Boer War but...
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    Introduction from New Zealand

    Hi Everyone My name is Phil Bennett and I live in Eltham, New Zealand, which is in the North Island of our country. I'm semi retired but work part time in the local beekeeping industry. I have been involved with family research as a hobby for 12 years and have had some very good successful...