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    Mary O'Brien Limerick-Australia

    Mary O'Brien born about 1833 Robertstown Limerick arrived in Sydney about 1857. Her brother Daniel arrived in Sydney 1859. Their parents Henry O'Brien and Margaret O'Connell
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    Cowley,Hinds,Hines Paisley Renfrew

    I am after information on Cowley and Hinds/Hines families from Paisley Refrew. This the information I have. Parents George Cowley and Sarah Hinds (Bessie Hines) supposed to be same person. No dates on them. Their son Fred was born about 1888 in Paisley and married 1909 to Sarah McQueen at...
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    Holden blackburn 1819

    Looking for info on John Holden born 1819 Blackburn Lancashire. John married Emma Lennox 1856 Preston Lancashire. Two children Sarah Ann 1860, Shepherd 1866. Sarah Ann married John Jessop Smith 1880 Attercliffe Sheffield
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    Smith and Jessop

    Samuel Smith married Elizabeth Jessop 1848 Sheffield Yorkshire. Their children: Elizabeth b.1849, Jane b.1851, Mary Ann b.1854, John Jessop b.1857, David Wallace b.1859, Samuel b.1861, William b.1866. All born in Attercliffe Sheffield. Mary Ann Smith married Joseph Coldwell 1873 Sheffield. They...
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    Genealogy addiction

    Sorry I didn't know I had to do this on the other post it. My name is Theresa I'm 46 yrs and I have been doing Genealogy since 1988. I drive taxis for a job. I got married 2005 met hubby on the internet 2003. I live in Gladstone Queensland I moved here in 2003 to be with my hubby from the...
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    G'Day from down under

    Hi I'm looking info on my family in England. I have a fair bit of info on Smith and Jessop, Attercliffe Sheffield.1848-1905 I have a little bit on the Holden and Lennox. Holden from Preston and Blackburn Lancashire and Lennox from Carlisle.1824-1903. I shall add more details as I go. :D