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    Who do you think you are

    Anybody watching it? last night was Robin Gibb, what a sad story unfold death in the poorhouse, ragged school, etc but look how his life turned out, do you think the people before us shaped the life we were given? Also the week before Alan Carr, his great grandfather was a deserter ww1, that...
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    Officially Autumn

    Today is the first day of Autumn What is your favourite season and why? Mine is Spring, after the cold and dark of winter I am always glad to see the first shoots of green in the garden, bulbs appearing, the days lengthening and a bit of sun coming back I hate winter, and forecast already on...
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    A census question

    I found my great great grandma on 1861 census age 14 as a house maid It looks like it must have been a large house as there were alot of people and staff but I can't find an address of the house on the census any ideas please
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    Samuel North

    can you access ww2 records? I don't have much info (got a photo of him and wanted to know more about him) name Samuel North born 1917 sheffield parents, samuel north, mary charlotte north (oliver) (manor farm, Darnall) the uniform he is in on the photo is RAF thats all I know, is it...
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    A warning

    Just wanted to let you all know .... I wanted some info on two ramseys brothers (before I joined here) and paid a one off payment of £6.29 the site stated it was a one off payment low and behold one month later they took another £6.29 and another payment was due out on sept 9th I looked at...
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    Edith M North

    Hi All My aunty sent me some old photos (from nanas belongings) in the photos were two old xmas cards 1926 and 1927 from Edith M North, Manor Farm, Darnall Aunty seems to think edith was my nans cousin (nan was Sarah Jane Depledge) but I have hit a brick wall Any ideas where I could search...
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    WW2 Enlisted

    Can you access ww2 enlisted anywhere online please (not a casualty but a survivor) thanks
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    Trying to find 1st wife

    I have Arthur green born 1892 west bromwich(who was married twice, 1st wife left him) parents Richard Green & Mary A ? I can find second wife Edna Partridge married jun 1937 but I cannot find a first wife, any ideas please thank you
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    ww1 record

    Can anyone help me decipher this ww1 card What does it mean basically? I can see when he was enlisted and discharged what was he discharged on? Did he get any medals? thank you
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    I have been puzzling this one for 3 weeks (I now have a basic ancestry acc :) thanks to a 3rd cousion letting me share his) This is what I have been searching: John Clements married Selina Coward 1874 thorne 9c 851 (I presume he died as she married James Ramsey 1884) I have looked up John...
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    Two Sisters

    Hi All, in need of your expert help again I am trying to find more information about 2 sisters (parents are Joe & Ellen Ramsey(nee wigley) mexborough south yorkshire (WRY) Eva Ramsey born 1911 can find first marriage to David Lindsey 1935 worksop district can find second marriage to Alex...
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    is there anywhere you can search to find out about your ancestors business I have a few who were shoemakers or butchers just wondered if there were records of businesses thanks
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    Looking for death of John W

    trying to find the death of John W Ramsey dob approx 1893 he served in ww1, but was sent home wounded may 1915 (not to be mixed up with John W from darfield) wife tamar parr lived at denaby, WRY I know they had children but what I can presume is he didnt live a long life as mum says she never...
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    Elizabeth R

    I have found 2 marriage for Elizabeth ramsey, how do I start checking which is the right one please (parents John ramsey & sarah Chapman) RAMSEY Elizabeth WHITE Christopher St Nicholas, Thorne 1865 (this one seems to fit area but she would have been 33 years old) but also found this one...
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    2 marriages

    Looking for marriage info ann ramsey married dec 1/4 1861 parents are john & sarah ramsey (nee morley) (found that on findmypast by credits) says hubby could be, john cook/george neve/athey green? also her sister sarah ann ramsey marrieddec 1/4 1859 looking for hubby, same details for...
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    parish records

    Do parish records tell you where someone is buried? Wanting to know where Joe ramsey, mexborough is buried died 1919, parents james & selina ramsey would parish records help? thanks
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    Does anyone come from Swinton, South yorkshire I am trying to locate some old swinton photos or any info Fieldhouse butchers, opposite Don hotel swinton, around 1925 onwards Depledge butchers, opposite don hotel, swinton, 1960's also my grandad had a cobblers shop oppposite kings head pub...
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    John Ramsey marriage

    Can you help with this marriage John Ramsey marries sarah???? found chapman & morley marriage 13 feb 1827 confused at wifes maiden name thanks:)
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    A question

    Wondering how Say you have the name of a couple for eg, Mr & Mrs Smith where/how do you start looking for their children (if they had any) is there a set process to it all thanks
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    Look up please

    thank you for the info