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    Caroline Anesbury's 2 marriages

    Looking for any info on marriage dates on Caroline Amesbury's two marriages : 1st to a John Bloomfield 2nd to a George Grimsey Possibly in the Dovercourt area. Any children to these two gentlemen would also be helpful. Sorry i dont have much more to go on. Regards
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    John McGrath born abt 1873 ?

    Looking for any info on a John McGrath born about 1873, according to his marriage cert his fathers name was David, we do not now wether he came to Australia on his own, born here or came here with his parents. All we have is his marriage to Elizabeth Donovan 1912 in Sth Aust. and thier 2...
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    Military Info

    These two gentlemen are part of my mother inlaws family tree. She would like to know about their military history and anything else marriages, deaths ect. The first is Jake or John Wood the other is his brother Richard Wood, both born 1890s
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    James Wallace and Catherine Tulloch

    Looking for details of the marriage of James Wallace (born abt 1836 Ireland or Scotland) to Catherine Tulloch (born abt. 1838 Scotland). We think it was about 1838 in Argylshire. Info on both there parents and any siblings would also be very much appreciated. Thier children are; James WALLACE...
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    Harriet Stacy

    Harriet Stacy was my GGG Grandmother, born abt 1800 in Portfield, Sussex, England. She married my GGG grandfather Edward Harmer, born abt 1799, Nth Mundham, Sussex. They were married 11 Oct. 1819, Nth Mundham. No one seems to know anything about her before her marriage, parents, siblings etc...
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    Payne / Botten

    I'm trying to find the birth place of a Ambrose Payne born 11 Apr 1850 and his wife Sophia Botten born 17 Nov. 1852, also missing is their place of marriage 13 Dec. 1881, somewhere in South Australia. Any other info would also be helpful such as ancesters etc.
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    William Sutherland 1668-1740

    Is there a know family tree for this person ? He was a Ship builders assistant 1711, he even wrote a book on the building of ships and was well known in his feild.
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    Missing Donovan Info

    This is another ancester I have in my to hard basket, John Michael Donovan born, 01/01/1873 (date may be incorrect). County Cork, Ireland. Most of what is known about him is oral history such as ; John's parents owned a hotel in cork. His mother ??? died ???? . His father eventually re...
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    Sutherland Branch

    I've been told the name Sutherland can be a difficult one to research but I try anyway. I'm looking for details on the following ancesters (birth, death, siblings, parents ect); James Sutherland b. abt 1791 ? married 22 Nov. 1816, Harpsdale Caithness, to Jannet Sinclair b. abt 1801, According...
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    Ward family dates.

    Hi, I'm looking for anyone how can help me fill in some missing dates and maybe some names on the Ward branch of my family tree. The names and dates in question are; Alfred Charles Ward, b. abt 1864, Sussex England, married ??, Matilda Benfold, Woolwich Kent England, b abt 1865. Children and...