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  1. Kin-getter

    Francis Little m Sarah McCullough - Castleblayney,Co. Monagh

    Francis Little born:abt. 1805 lived in Castleblayney,Co. Monaghan Ulster, Ireland. He married Sarah McCullough born: 1823. The family I'm trying to help believes the Littles had connections with Scotland (Dumfries probably) but when I do not at this stage know. I suspect earlier than Francis...
  2. Kin-getter

    Mary BOWDEN

    Born: 1730 Tiverton, Devon died on 22 Oct 1752 in Tiverton, Devon, England, England. Mary married Nicholas COPP born: c1727 died: 13 April 1768 Tiverton Devon. Really looking for Mary's Parents and Siblings. Thanks, James.
  3. Kin-getter

    Orr, Kerrigan, Lafferty, McGroarty

    Looking to connect with those researching the Patrick Orr line from Moneydarragh, Donegal, Ireland. Patrick was married to Sarah Kerrigan and had several children. One of which was Patrick Orr who married Kate Lafferty. Any connection to the Culdaff area as well as Moville? Mary Orr married Owen...
  4. Kin-getter

    Crerar, Dunnet, Stewart

    Has anyone any research that connects these 3 surnames please. I'm looking for a CRERAR-STEWART marriage initially. Thanks, James.
  5. Kin-getter

    William Stewart Orr & Annie Craig - Kilbirnie, Ayrshire

    William Stewart Orr and Annie Craig from Kilbirnie families and settled in Mt Sterling, North Carolina. Williams dob is given as 1857 dod as 1889. (He died young - 32 - through a logging accident.) Conflicting information I've received gives his mother's name as Janet Orr, another Mary Orr...
  6. Kin-getter

    Ironside / Ferrier

    I am looking for parents, siblings and children of John Ironside (b. 1785, Aberdeenshire, Scotland). He married Helen Ferrier. James.
  7. Kin-getter

    COPP (Brixham)

    (Posted for a friend) Looking for parents & siblings of Elizabeth Copp baptised 31 May 1782 at Brixham, Devon, England. Elizabeth married James Moore born c1780 (would love to find his parents & siblings too) in Brixham, Devon 1807. Their children were all christened Seaton & Beer, Devon...
  8. Kin-getter

    Area / Place called IRONSIDE

    I've just become aware of an area/place called Ironside and would be grateful to learn more of its origin etc as it is also a Surname in my research. According to a map I looked at online it is located north-west of Maud and between the A981 and A950. Is there anyone on this forum with local...
  9. Kin-getter

    Cheltenham Grinnells?

    Is anyone out there researching Cheltenham Grinnells? James.
  10. Kin-getter

    Ingleton, Yorkshire

    I'm looking for anyone who either lives in or very near Ingleton, or has very good knowledge of it. A relative I'm researching was a Doctor there many (don't yet know how many) years ago and I'm hoping I can find some sort of record of his life there. Doing a similar excercise based in Biggar...
  11. Kin-getter

    Surname - IRONSIDE

    I'm interested in the surname IRONSIDE. This is an important name in my family history research, and the IRONSIDE's I relate to are Aberdeenshire, and thus, Scottish. However, I was reading something about the English Royal Family of 1066. As I understand it, Harold Godwinson became King of...
  12. Kin-getter

    Missing (in action?)

    HOLIDAYS I'm away on holiday (health permitting) by the end of the week, probably for a couple of weeks (at least a week in Shetland after a week in the Scots Borders) so will not be around for any messages during that time. Take care all. James.
  13. Kin-getter

    Family Group - Date unknown

    Anyone good at dating photos? This photo is of a father and the 12 surviving offspring of 16. Taken in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. I had to take a digi photo of the original in order to get a copy - you'll see the flash mark. Also, one face is disfigured - that was damage to the photo...
  14. Kin-getter

    Surname ORR

    I have Orr Ancestors who as far as I can tell are entirely Scottish. However, I also know the name Orr is also known in Ireland. I've never found the answer as to whether the name is originally Scottish or Irish. Thoughts please - on something larger than a postcard:) Thanks, James.
  15. Kin-getter

    Mary Ann Berry Sinclair 1873 Thrumster

    (From a friend) I wonder if anyone can shed some light on this for me. Mary Ann Berry Sinclair allegedly had the following children: John Sinclair birth date unknown George (Geordie) Sinclair b1896-d1981 Isabella Sinclair birth date not known Mary's parents were George Sinclair and Margaret...
  16. Kin-getter

    Burdis - Surname

    This appears to be 'popular' in north east England - Sunderland etc. Has anyone done any research on the name? I'm looking at it in connection with other surnames from elsewhere. Thanks, James.
  17. Kin-getter

    Mackenzie of Assynt

    Anyone have any links to Margaret Mackenzie born in Assynt,Sutherland, in 1823 She married Andrew Miller at Dunnett in 1841. Thanks, James.
  18. Kin-getter

    Donald Gunn - Caithness

    (For a friend) Hi I am searching for information on a Donald Gunn who married Margaret Keith on 5th Dec 1749 in Wick Caithness. He had 7 children, Mary abt 1755, Elspet abt 1756, Peter abt 1762, Donald abt 1765, Ingram abt 1767, John abt 1771, Margaret abt 1774. I cant seem to get back any...
  19. Kin-getter

    James Thomson - c1816-1822

    (For a friend) James Thomson was born c1816-1822 in either Glasgow or Ireland; his parents were (I believe) William Thomson and Mary Robinson, and he had a brother William. James married Mary Grove in 1841; he was a pattern weaver. I'd love to find out any more about his parents or brother, and...
  20. Kin-getter

    Photographing War Graves.

    I wonder if anyone has come across someone/an organisation that undertakes to take photos of specific war graves, say in France. My Grandfather died 1916 in France and while I've seen the Cemetery pics, the actual grave I haven't. I have a painting/drawing of him but would like to see exactly...