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  1. saraht43

    Ferrie family from 1861-1871 USA to Scotland

    Thought I had already posted this but couldn't find in the list so hear goes again Looking for exact date and ship that Mary Ann Ferrie and her 3 children Richard John and Theresa travled on from Pennsylvania to Scotland. Theresa was born in Pennsylvania in 1861, but they are on the 1871...
  2. saraht43

    John Zmotony, Zmotany b1837 Czech Rep.

    Looking for info on parents/siblings etc on John Zmotony (or varied spellings) b. Bohemia, Czech republic about 1837 m. Frances Belgere also b in Bohemia about 1837.....they had 4 kids in Czech Republic..... (Antonia "Toney", John, Frank and Mary) before moving to the USA Oldest child Toney b...
  3. saraht43

    Freda Margarette (spelling?) Churchman

    looking for Churchman family in the Hendon or Harrow on Hill area.....old enough to have a daughter born about 1919. Thx Sarah:confused:
  4. saraht43

    Bernhardt in Leipzig, Germany ca. 1877

    Carl Hermann Bernhardt is on the 1911 England census---shows born in Leipzig, Germany 1877. His birth name be Fritz Hermann Carl Bernhardt. How can I find birth records for Germany?? or perhaps a census type record for that time period?? Thanks in advance for any and all help, Sarah:) :)
  5. saraht43

    Marjorie Mansfield born 1937 Hendon

    Looking for info on Marjorie Mansfield. She supposedly married twice before 1988. Had a son by first husband and a daughter by second. Thanks in advance, Sarah:biggrin:
  6. saraht43

    Bernhardt/Bernard to Conner/Connor

    Hey all, Looking for marriage of Shirley M S M Bernhardt/Bernard/Burnard to Alfred/Elfred Conner/Connor----prossibly in the Harrow or Willesden area tho not certain. Sorry not sure on the spellings----and Shirley (and siblings) often used a form of Bernard as opposed to their real German name...
  7. saraht43

    John Blaxall---Sanquhar, Dumfries

    Looking for any info on John Blaxall. Parents Frederick W. and Janet <Murry/Murray> Blaxall. Frederick was born in Kensington, England in 1919, but Janet was born in Sanquhar, Dumfries. They may have married in Scotland (can't find a marriage record for them in England) although they...
  8. saraht43

    Eric Pearce b. 1930 Kensington (now in New So. Wales)

    Looking for info on Eric Pearce b. 1930 in Kensington---son of Edwin and Molly Pearce. Believe he now lives in New So. Wales. Thanks in advance,:D Sarah
  9. saraht43

    Rozenna Dalton adopted by Cottis family

    Hi all, Am looking for info on a Rozenna/Rosenna Dalton who was adopted by Harry W. and Freda E. Cottis---sometime after 1950. Any info on her greatly appreciated. They also adopted another girl Vivian L. R. who married John H Ellis 1967 in Southend on Sea. I don't know if the girls were...
  10. saraht43

    Alice Nellie Miles b. Bethnal Green 1877-1882

    Looking for parents and siblings of Allice Nellie Miles born between 1877 and 1882 either in Bethnal Green or Marylebone. Was told she had 12 or 13 brothers. Believe one was named Harold or Harry. She married 4 times: 1. Henry De Fraine 1899 Marylebone 2. (Fritz) Carl Hermann Bernhardt 1907...
  11. saraht43

    Where can I find Divorce records 1935-1949

    Hey all, I'm new to this site tho not to genealogy. But I live in the US and not sure how to search records in the UK. I've been helping a friend (who is originally from the UK) to research her family line. She beleived all her life that her mom died during WWII but we recently found a...