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    Marriage look up required for lost ancestor!

    Hi there i've completely lost track of one of my ancestors Fanny Burden born abt 1858 Bideford Devon. I know she married Alfred Bowden in 1880 Bideford but i believe after Alfred died in 1889 she may have remarried as i seem to have completely lost her from all records and can find no death...
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    help needed please

    How would i find out the possible spouses of a Florence Bending marriage registered June 1908 Wiliton Somerset 5C 529. i need to rule out whether she is my great grandmother.
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    Missing great grandfather in 1901 census

    Hi hoping one of you lovely people will be able to assist me. I am looking for my great grandfather Michael Coyne born abt 1883 Galway Ireland. I know his where abouts in 1911 he was in Ireland age 27 with his wife Florence and son John Coyne. Although i do not believe he was in Ireland at the...
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    Help needed with coynes

    Hi There i'm trying to trace my mothers father side of the family. My Grandfather was called John Coyne born the 15th of june 1910 Galway Ireland.His fathers name was Micheal Coyne born abt 1883 Tippary Ireland I have found his death registered in 1961 age 78 district Bristol. As far as i know...
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    This is the name of one of my ancestors born in the early 1700's in the sartin side of my family tree. I have never come across this name before and do not even know if my ancestor was a male or female. Can anyone tell me more about this name and perhaps were it originates from? Many thanks
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    Most of my ancestor's came from the Somerset area typically Yeovil many of them in census records are stated as working as glove sewers, Glovers, Glove parers, Glove machinists.Glove sewer. One ancestor however is recorded as a parish Support what does that mean?
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    Harriett Sartin 1841 census

    Hi there i'm hoping some kind person will do a look up for me for Harriett Sartin born abt 1816 East Chinnock. I believe she is in the 1841 census somewhere probably still in the Somerset Area. I am also looking for her sister, Matilda sartin whom i've only been able to find in the 1851...