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    Alfred Edward Spollen

    Looking for any information on Alfred Spollen. The only information I have on him is a Marriage to Gladys Fahey in Queensland 1926 Thanks Jen
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    Jane Todd

    Looking for any information on Jane Todd that married Robert Ramsay 1762 Rothbury.
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    Irish Helen Blessington

    I have a Iris Helen Blessington marrying Bruce Arnold Young in Queensland in November 1934, but cannot find a birth for her. Any help would be appreciated. Jen
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    Sarah Grace Elliott

    Looking for any information on Sarah Grace Elliott born 1846 Dittisham. Her parents are Samuel Elliott and Sarah Blank
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    James Ernest Blessington

    Trying to find marriage details for James Ernest Blessington born 1918 Hughenden Qld.
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    Blessington don't know where to ge to next

    Been doing my Family Tree for over 25 years and have found a lot of information from this forum and Trove. My biggest regret is that I have been unable to find photos of my grandparents Saunders and Mary Blessington. Mary died quite a few years before I was born and Saunders died 1 year after...
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    Connection for Thomas Ramsey - Joseph Embleton

    Have found in the 1861 Census for Rothbury the following. Joseph Embleton 58 Carrier born Hartburn Elizabeth Embleton wife 59 born Rothbury Thomas Ramsey son 33 Unmarried born Rothbury Thomas Ramsey Grandson 10 born Woodhorn. John Ramsey visitor 55 born Rothbury Jenny
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    William Burns

    Trying to find the parents of William Burns (Munro) born 1870 Wexford Ireland. I do not know how the Munro came into being. He died 1943 Toowoomba Queensland, Australia. Any information would be appreciated. Jen
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    Henry Blackett

    Looking for the mother of Henry Blackett born abt 1856 Bradford to father Thomas Blackett born 1832. Barnard Castle. Thanks Jen
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    Thomas Blackett

    Trying to find which Thomas Blackett married Mary Grace Graham 1881, Teesdale, Durham. I have a Thomas Blackett born 1861 Barnard Castle, parents Anthony Johnson Blackett and Ann Anderson. I also have a Thomas Robert Blackett born 1861 Newcastle Upon Tyne, parents Joseph Blackett and Margaret...
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    This may not be appropriate. But I am from Australia and have been mortified by what I have witnessed today. I give my sympathy for the people of England at this moment. You have endured so much over the last month. The burning of the units in West London today has been horrendous. I can not...
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    Peter Ramsay

    Looking for a marriage for Peter Ramsay born abt 1830 Newcastle Upton Tyne. His parents are Peter Ramsay born 1805 and Frances Horton born 1804. Jenny
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    Robert Ramsay

    Looking for any information on Robert Ramsay born 1767 Rothbury to parents Robert Ramsay and Jane Todd. Jenny
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    As I have been tracing my and my husband's family tree over the last 20 years, I have hit many brick walls. This Forum has allowed me to break down some walls but I know some will be unbreakable. I would like to thank all your members who have helped me over the years. I will continue to use...
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    Mary Reay

    Looking for parents of Mary Reay baptised May 1821 Tynemouth. It shows father as Matthew Reay and mother Ann. Mary married William Henderson 1838 Tynemouth. Jenny
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    Thomas Brotherick

    Looking for any information on Thomas Brotherick born 1850 Northumberland to parents Edward Brotherick and Margaret Lane. Jenny
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    John Ramsay - Rothbury

    Looking for information of John Ramsay who was Baptised on 23rd Sep 1780 Rothbury. It shows father Robert, mother Elisabeth. (No surname of mother) Jenny
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    John Thomas Ramsay

    Trying to find cemetery where John Thomas Ramsay was buried. He was born 1888 Arlington and died last quarter 1951 Middlesbrough. Jenny
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    Edward Waite

    Looking for information on Edward Waite born about 1794 Redmar Yorkshire. He married a Jane Bell in 1837 Durham. They had 7 children Barbara 1819, Maria 1821, john 1823, Elizabeth 1825, Edward 1827, Robert 1829 and Jane 1832. Going by the 1841 Census it shows Jane as the mother of the...
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    Mother of John Waite

    Looking for mother of John Waite born 1849 Barnard Castle. I have found John's marriage to Elizabeth Blackett 1872 Middlesbrough stating his fathers name as Thomas Waite. Jenny