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    Discussion -Census Returns

    http://www.familyhistory.uk.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=25&Itemid=2 The subject of the 100 year closure rule is an interesting one. I have seen mention that this rule is being challenged due to it's contravening our recently adopted Freedom of Information Act. The argument...
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    Discussion -The IGI and The Ancestral File

    As stated in the article, the IGI is the most extensive resource available, certainly for records in the UK. For many years, there were no death records included but, these are now slowly being added. In the early days, they gathered only information on baptisms and marriages. As I understand...
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    Here is a real puzzler for everyone

    Whilst researching my family name - Sheel - I kept in mind a family tradition that the name had been changed at some time in the past. I first became interested in doing this in 1978, which was, unfortunately, 10 years after the only relative who \"knew\" the story around this tradition had...
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    Keith's simple written record system

    I will start this thread by detailing what I think is the best way to get started (assuming that you have never done this before). The real essence to this work is to establish a simple system which, when put to use, follows exactly the same routine every time you find a record. I am starting...
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    New Family History Research Support Forum

    Before I decided to do a websearch to see what was out there, I established a new topical forum for both the beginner and more experienced in Family History research. I have established dedicated boards to a number of subject areas so that it should be easy to find the information you are...