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    Clara A flaherty

    Hi, I am also trying to find out more about a Great Aunt Clara. I think she may be Clara A Flaherty born in Bradford circa 1900. Possibly married to a William Harris and has 2 children twins John and Hilda. I'm trying to make a connection to John Charles Parker, Bradford 1894.
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    Eleanor Alice Hancock

    Hi, I would like help finding information about Eleanor (Lena) Alice Hancock, born approx 1902 in Bradford. If I'm correct she married Laurie Parker circa 1923 and may have a son Brian. I believe they lived in Yeadon Bradford. I've hit a dead end after this. Steve
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    George Stanworth

    Hi all, I'm trying to make a connection with George Stanworth who died in WW1. And my wifes family. George StanworthBirth Place: St. Helens, LancsDeath Date: 27 Sep 1918Death Place: France and Flanders I've found 2 George Stanworths, the one above and the one below. Name: George...
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    William Parker

    Hi Guys, I'm back again. This time a bit more recent. I'm looking for more information about my uncle Bill "William Parker" Born Bradford 1918 I believe. He served in the Second World War, North Africa I believe with the Royal Artillery or maybe even the Desert Rats. His wife was called Dolly...
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    Parker Family

    Hi, I've been looking at my fathers family and have gone backwards quite a way with a lot of help from many on here. I would like some help looking more recently at my Grandfathers brothers. My Grandfather died when my father was 14 so we don't have much knowledge of my fathers uncles and...
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    William Parker 1918

    Hi, I've had a lot of help looking for my Grandparents and ancestors from people on here. I would like a bit of help if possible looking for my uncle Bills WW2 service record. I realise this might not be the correct forum but I cannot find anything. It is believed he served with the Desert Rats...
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    John Charles Parker

    Hi I'm Steve and I'm looking to trace the Parker family as far back as I can from my Grandfather. I never knew my fathers parents as they both died when he was 14. I've got some in formation on my Grandfather from his WW1 Service record but know very little going further back. He is John...
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    Hi another newbie

    Hi I'm Steve and I am trying to look as far back on the Parker Family Tree as I can.