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    Open Office Importing Data to Database

    How do I transfer a table in Writer to the Open Office database? I can, and have, put the data into the OO spreadsheet; but I cannot bridge the gap to the database. I can do thie equivalent quite happily in MS Office but I am trying to egt used to Open Office. In both cases , the database...
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    Probate - England only?

    My legal knowlege goes as far as 'stop at red lights' and 'don't knock down pedestrians'. Is probate an English law thing only or does it apply to Scotland? Hugo
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    How many towns called Derry?

    I have just discovered there are several places called Derry. I only knew of the city and the county, both also officially known as Londonderry. I have an Irish ancestor family who came to Scotland and in one census gave their birthplace as Derry. They were recorded as Donachy. I have a...
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    Warwickhill Hamlet, Riccarton, Ayrshire

    That is the address given in the 1861 census. Does anyone know anything about it? Hugo
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    Can anyone tell me if Honora was a common christian name between 1800 and 1900 for Irish women? Regards, Hugo
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    James Dunnach m 1858

    Hi all, Can anyone give me information about James Dunnach who married Helen Donochy in Kilmarnock, 1858? Her surname is as shown on the Marriage Certificate. Thanks Hugo