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  1. Sunscreen

    St Barnabas Church Burnmoor/Bournmoor,Durham

    Hi Dave Thanks for info - already checked Lucy out (we thought same as you!) but she died aged two years in 1926. Leone's birth is a total mystery, we've covered her 'three' marriages and her death, but thanks again anyway Sunscreen
  2. Sunscreen

    St Barnabas Church Burnmoor/Bournmoor,Durham

    Hi wondered if anyone has access to the above Church records for the following people: Baptism: Anita Hetherington born 1/1/1946 Parents Jackson & Leone Hetherington birth/baptism: Leone Mcdermott (mother Nora Batey) She always said she was born 11/09/1924, but so far the first record I can...
  3. Sunscreen

    Canadian census

    Hi Would anyone be able to the following lookups for me? 1901 Norfolk (North/Nord) Canada census Laura Iione Bain b 1887 also 1891 Canadian Census (dist Muskoka & Parry Sound, Dist 75) for William John Hetherington b. 1887, Thornbury, Ontario thankyou Sunscreen
  4. Sunscreen

    Jackson Hetherington

    Hi Thanks very much for the info; really appreciate it, as I'm not subscribed to any overseas info! one last favour have you access to any information that could tell me if Jackson & Maxine had any Children? once again thanks, Sunscreen:)
  5. Sunscreen

    Jackson Hetherington

    Can anyone found any info after 1943 on Jackson(Jack) Hetherington, this is what I've got so far: Born 1916 (possibly Scarborough, Ontario) was a sergeant (R.129600) in Canadian Royal Air Force stationed at Chivenor, Devon, UK. married Leone McDermott from Durham, who was working at RAF...
  6. Sunscreen


    Hi you bet me Steve: yes, very slow, but finally got in, had to log in again - usually just go straight in with my saved password sunscreen
  7. Sunscreen

    why not use our live chatroom ?

    Hi not in to chat rooms; but downloaded the toolbar when I first joined and it's been fine Sunscreen :)
  8. Sunscreen

    A Trip Down Forum Way.

    :2fun: sunscreen
  9. Sunscreen

    Holbeck, Yorkshire.

    Hi again Setve Just back from Library - hope this is the one, unfortunately not as much info on these enteries think the curate Mr Clapham made a mistake & put an a instead of o, as the witness signature is definately an o! Marriage: Parish Church of Leeds 15th October 1821 Joseph Crampton...
  10. Sunscreen

    Holbeck, Yorkshire.

    Hi Steve you're very welcome Will definately do my best to find Joseph & Harriets marriage, probably sometime next week as I need to do some 'lookups' for myself Need to check Harriet, not sure if Gildersome comes under Leeds or Bradford - they changed the bounderies alot over the years...
  11. Sunscreen

    Holbeck, Yorkshire.

    Hi Steve Marriage: 6th July, 1951, St Peters Church, Leeds (CE46/36/171) William Crompton, Bachelor age 27, occ Tanner, Holbeck, Father Joseph Crompton, occ Clothier. Mary Child, Spinster age 22yr, occ -, Holbeck, Father Isaac Child, occ Clothier. witness's Thomas Woodward & Martha Best...
  12. Sunscreen


    Hi yes it's a good site, used it for a while, unfortunately no one is researching any of my surnames! Pat::o
  13. Sunscreen

    Holbeck, Yorkshire.

    Hi again Steve Just had email from central library and they hold Parish records for Holbeck, so will go in and have a good search, hopefully, tomorrow; but if not it will be next week as I have my little Grandson on Fridays (don't think he'd be the best at sitting quietly for a couple of...
  14. Sunscreen

    Holbeck, Yorkshire.

    Hi Steve No problem, I will see what I can find & get back to you Pat
  15. Sunscreen

    Holbeck, Yorkshire.

    Hi Steve I live in Leeds, if I can help with a look up get back to me Pat
  16. Sunscreen

    William Thomas Roberts

    Hi Astwood found this entry for 1871 Thomas William Roberts age 23 needle stamper? born Sambour (as transcribed) Warwickshire Ann M Roberts wife age 20 needle driller? No actual address on original. Alcester, Feckenham, Warwickhire Sunscreen
  17. Sunscreen

    Esther Moss

    Hi following entry in 1891 census Joseph O Brandreth age 41 saddler & harness maker Fanny Brandreth wife Esther Moss age 22yrs domestic servant Whitton St Helens, Northwich, Cheshire Sunscreen;)
  18. Sunscreen

    the Dead Duck

    :2fun: sunscreen
  19. Sunscreen

    dentons and not manchester

    Re: Dentons, and not Manchester Hi Census 1851 208 Park Row, Guiseley, Leeds David head age 40yr handloom Elizabeth wife age 39yr spinner Hamilton son 14yr spinner (transcribed as Damilton!) Ann daughter 13yrs fleecer Catherine daughter age 12yr fleecer Eliza daughter age 10yr fleecer...
  20. Sunscreen

    Getrude Bullivant 1901 Where is she.

    Hi Duckweed Getrude appears in 1891 age 8 scholar born Bridlington with Richard A age 37yr Architect -----? Martha J age 30yr Thos Hy age 5yr Mabel age 4yr Florence age 1yr Dist 54 civil parish, Leeds, not sure of address could be 75 Caledonian St? I can't find so far either in...