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  1. Lynn68

    Handwriting Comparison

    Hey there. Any budding handwriting experts out there? I have 2 offerings of handwriting but cant be sure if its from the same man...my grandfather. I can upload if there are any volunteers who can have a look and can confirm its from the same hand or not. This would mean an awful lot as at...
  2. Lynn68

    Who was he??

    Would appreciate some help with a problem. :( My maternal grandfather Norman Edward Sandiford married Caroline Daisy Bennett June 1925. Mum always maintained that he died before she was born so that wouldve been the Jan/Feb 26 as she was born 19/10/1926. The problem im having is no death cert...
  3. Lynn68

    Birth before marriage

    Here's a tricky one. Isabell Harriett Lockie was born July-Aug-Sept 1853. Her dad was William Henry Lockie. She married William Bennett in 1872 (context for the question)...ok so far then it gets tricky. According to research her dad William Henry was a bachelor according to the marriage...
  4. Lynn68

    Posting of wanted name

    Hi, sent in a request for a wanted name 27/2/14, completed the link in the email I received and have checked today and the post is still not showing on the Wanted Names section. It was for Galway in Ireland specifically Dublin. Any idea when this post will be showing please. Im desperate to get...
  5. Lynn68


    I am looking for any information on Michael Joseph Shanahan born in 1893 County Kerry his parents were Patrick and Margaret Shanahan. I believe her maiden name was Lyons but am in the process of researching her further. I know he married Mary Galway in 1922 and they moved to the UK and had 2...