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    Doris maud roper - victor lionel fairweather

    Looking for information on Doris Maud ROPER's marriage to Victor Lionel FAIRWEATHER. In 1927 in Chelmsford, Essex. Any information on their children, if any would be appreciated. Also interested in the marriages of her sisters, Cissy Roper and Evelyn Roper and their children. Thank you Catherine
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    DRUMMOND family from Scotland

    Hi, I'm looking for information on the DRUMMOND family who I beleive came down from the Highlands of Scotland to Birmingham. I bleive they may have been from Callander in Scotland but I am really not sure on this. That is all I have on this family so any help would be really appreciated...
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    Kate CLARKE

    hi, Looking for any information on Kate CLARKE/CLARK who was born in 1891 in either the Essex or Suffolk area in England. Parents were Alfred Clarke and Julia Clarke neƩ Green. Kate had an illegitamate child named Sylvia when she was young. As this was hushed up by the family, I can't find...
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    Drummond/Pritchett family Birmingham

    Hi all, Does anyone have any information the the following family: George Pritchett b. 1863 in Birmingham Married Lucy Drummond b. 1871 in Birmingham Four Children: Lucy 1892 William 1893 George 1898 Rowland 1901 Woul be really interested in any information on George or Lucy's parentage or...
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    William Roper b.1811 in Suffolk, England

    Hi All, Does anyone have any information on William ROPER born 1811, in Ripingale, Suffolk, England Married Jane HALES (Born 1814 in Chelmsford, Essex, England) In Chelmsford in 1838 They had 7 Chelmsford born children: Ann Roper - born 1839 William Roper - born 1840 Eliza Roper - born 1843...
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    Newbie saying hello

    Hi, Just joined today so helloooooo everyone!! I am a Roper interested in tracing my dad's side of my family at the moment. I have got back as far as William ROPER, born in Rippingale, Suffolk in 1811 who married Jane HALES, born in 1814 in Chelmsford, Essex in 1838 in Chelmsford They had 7...