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  1. glees123

    Returning for a short while....

    Hello everyone, I am back for a while after being away for so long studying for exams and enjoying life. Unfortunately i will soon be separated from the computer again as i will be moving and will not have the internet possibly for a long time. But while i'm here i shall enjoy it :D Good luck...
  2. glees123

    Google Streets

    Hi all, I've just checked out Google streets. It is on Google maps and allows you to walk down certain streets in some cities and suburban areas. It is almost like walking down the streets and i think it is amazing. :) I have already seen some of the streets in which some of my ancestors were...
  3. glees123


    Hi, Is there any way of finding out how or why a person has ended up in a workhouse? I know it can be because they came from a poor family, but are there other possible reasons? How could i find out? Thank you Glees:)
  4. glees123

    Alternatives for Polly?

    Hi, Can anybody please suggest any alternatives for the name Polly? Thank you Glees:)
  5. glees123

    The Red Book Of The Exchequer

    Can anybody enlighten me as to what this is? I attempted to find old wills for ancestors and this came up? I have tried looking for an explanation but i am still not very sure as to what it is. :confused: Thank you glees123
  6. glees123

    Albert Smith

    My gt. Grandfather Albert Walter Smith was born 23/02/1900 in Westminster, london (My Grandmother thinks but no birth cert. found) He Married May lillian Annie Harrington at Trinity Church, wood green Edmonton 2/04/1927, They had 2 children. Died 1981 in Palmers Green. According to my...
  7. glees123

    :confused:Albert Walter Smith

    My gt. grandfather: Albert Walter Smith was born: 23/02/1900 Westminster in London (we think) there has been no birth certificate found. He married May Lillian Annie Harrington 2/04/1927 in Edmonton According to my Grandmothers information which is quite sketchy, he had 2 brothers Harry and...
  8. glees123


    Is anybody researching the surname Eburne? My gt.gt.grandmother is Ellen Rosaline Eburne c1894 Holborn, middlesex She Married Charles Blakeman in 1913 At Westminster. They had three children: Rosina 1913, Charles 1915 & Philip 1918 I am trying to find out the names of both Ellen and Charles's...