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    Burma star veteran

    Im trying to find any info on my wifes grandfather, all we know is he was a burma star veteran by the name of william (bill) bainbridge, we dont know what unit or for how long all we know is he was born jan ? 1913 he lived in Huddersfield most of his life. Is there any groups, organisations that...
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    Looking for a william bainbridge/baimbridge

    Hi just wondering if anyone could give me a starting point on my wifes grandfather. The details that we have are he was born William Bainbridge or Baimbridge we think he was born Jan 1903 ? and was a burma star veteran, we think he may of had a brother Tommy unfortunatly we dont know anything...
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    Having to start again :-(

    Hello everyone, Well I thought I was doing well till I got some info that didn't look right,and then I checked what I had and thats when everything came to pieces :'( I chased the wrong tree and didn't double check. So I'm going to my safe point that I know is correct and wondering if anyone...
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    1901 Cencus look up please

    Hello all, Could I please ask anyone for a 1901 Cencus look up. I'm looking for Walter Sykes Born 1st qtr 1877. He is the son of John H and Emily Sykes. His last known address was Bradbury St, Ravensthorpe, Mirfield, West Yorkshire(1891 Cencus). Thank you Andy
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    What info will it show?

    Hello everyone, I'm putting bits together on a few family members and I'm coming up with alot that are on the Familysearch site. There is Source Information: Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type: Printout Call No.: Type: C010052 1813 - 1846 0990708, 0990757 Film...
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    Help finding info

    Hi everyone. A quick ish question, Would my Great Grandfather be listed on the BMD (deaths) with his town of Dewsbury IF he died in WW1? I'm trying to find any info at all on him and dont have service number, Corps, Service, when or where he died or anything. I've found a Walter Sykes(born...
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    Help with finding a marriage

    Hi everyone I'm trying to find a marriage between my Great Granddad and his wife. The reason is I'm told he died in WW1 and I'm trying to find some clues as where and when etc, but I thought I'd better get some brackground first. His name is Walter Sykes born beginning of 1877 in Ravensthorpe...
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    Evening everyone I've just started with the whole family history and my dad has just given me my starting blocks! and just looking through them Ive noticed on a wedding cert for my Great, great grandmother dated 1892 that her father Joseph Bennett is listed as a Scavenger. Could...
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    Hello all, I'm just booking in to say hi and after a quick glance through the site I think it will be very useful. I'm just about to embark on the my Sykes Family tree, which I don't think has been done yet. So please excuse any silly questions that might come from me in the next few...