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    Death/Burial of Thomas Rogest/Roges?

    i need some help!!!....i have unearthed today one of my brick walls.....which as we always like to think and hope, will be our gateway back into our family history....but i had to have a good laugh to myself when i realised it loox as though it begs more questions and conundrums!!!! the original...
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    Hi havent been in here for while.....i have come across a surname whilst tracing my daughters fathers tree......the name is JUCHAU.....i found an extensive tree on googling which my daughter is actually descended from..... but cant seem to contcat the person that put it online and cant find a...
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    deciphering a place in Scotland

    hi all not been here for a few weeks.....been a bit busy but now back to my tracing.....have come across a place that i cannot decipher from the original census and the transcription is wrong......on the 1851 english census.....one of my ancestors, Robert Carlisle, is living in Liverpool but is...
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    heraldry archive

    i have put a message on the general chat thread....the college of arms in queen victoria st in london has gone up in smoke over 2 floors......this archive holds the coat of arms and pedigree;s for england, wales, northern ireland and the commonwealth....lets hope that any damage is minimal
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    College of Arms Heraldry Archive

    Just been watching the news.....the college of arms in victoria street, london has gone up in smoke....over 2 floors.....this archive holds the coat of arms and pedigree of english, welsh, northern irish and commonwealth families.....this could be a nasty blow for us as genealogists......dont...
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    History House - Essex

    I found a website on my 'travels' thru www........for anyone tracing family in Essex..........not sure if im allowed to post website addy's here.....but the name of the site is History House and it gives loads of info on Essex including a very long list of the towns and villages in the...
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    Nine Elms Paint Manufacturers

    hi i was wondering if anyone that may have lived around the Nine Elms area of London, would remember a paint factory (see name of thread!) apparently this is where my parents met in abt 1948 (romantic huh?) i was also wondering if anyone would know wot an outfall worker was......on my...
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    Useful link for Occupations

    the link below is very useful......contains meanings for old occupations plus a lot of other stuff, military, countries, maritime interests, links to other sites for genealogy purposes....... just loads of stuff.....it helped me a lot with the different types of occupations.....sometimes u get...
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    The National Archives

    I went up to the National Archive today.......how unhelpful were they? very!.....they dont hold much info on naval records.....they done the same thing to me as they done last time.....pointed me to a computer....which i could and have done at home and drew a blank! After 3 hours of trawling...
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    HMS Shannon

    My grandfather was William Robertson Guthrie....born abt 188 in Scotland (his fathers name James that comes from his marriage cert) .....i have placed his details on another thread somewhere on the boards......the info i need now concerns a ship he was working on during WW1 the photo i have...
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    Charles R Hardy and wife

    Hi all i got yet another brick wall !! arghhhhhhh Charles R Hardy b abt 1865 according to 1901 census in Mile End, Loindon and also his wife Ada Roberts b abt 1875 in Jules Heal, Newcastle cannot find a likely birth entry for Charles......and cannot find anything at all for Ada to common...
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    Robert Joseph Austin b abt 1864 married to Mary Smallwood in January 1902. Robert was aged 37 on marriage cert. His fathers name was Thomas Austin and his occupation recorded as glassblower. Cannot find any Robert or Thomas Austins on british census, bar 1 Thomas that is a glassblower, but he...
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    looking for elusive ancestors

    looking for info on these people below, this is all the info i have: Charles Henry Rankin (aged 24 on marriage cert) marriage to Ellen Lowe (ages 21 on marriage cert, i have lots of info on Ellen) 12 Oct 1901 at St Lukes Church, Parish of Victoria Docks, West ham Charles living at 12 Fife Rd...
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    Brain Freeeeeeeze!

    cannot find any more info on these people Charles Henry Rankin marriage entry states dec 1/4 of 1901 in West Ham, Essex, Greater London Vol 4a Page 301 he married: Ellen Lowe i got their names from my grandfathers birth cert. and have managed to find their marriage, Charles was a...
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    Joseph George Edward Kemp, Born 15 oct 1846 Woolwich Kent. Bap 8 nov 1846 St mary Magdalen's Woolwich. Father John Kemp, Married 07 Nov 1875 Bermondsey to Emily Beecham Born 12 aug 1856 Putney. Father John Beecham mother Elizabeth Loveday Cannot find any information on this family having trouble...
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    Oldethen Barham

    cannot find a death entry for this ancestor or a birth entry come to that.....he married in April 1856 to a lady called Sarah Elizabeth Brook. There are many spellings of his christian name through the census years and finally in 1901 he is listed as Joseph Barham. According to census...
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    Found a website this evening that I found useful for and I left a message on there as someone was looking for one of my surnames and the time frame was right BARHAM in the 1800's, in Brightlingsea, England. www.curiousfox.org.uk may be usefull to someone on here ya never know :)
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    Name Origins

    I wondered if anyone on the boards would have any info on a really unusual name I have found in my maternal family tree.......I have managed, over the last day or so, to trace back to 1865. My mother's maiden name was RANKIN, I have gone back through her mother's side and discovered MIDDLETON's...
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    Guthrie, Austin, Rankin

    Looking for relatives, surname Guthrie. My father was Ian Mcleod Guthrie b. 1926 (Islington, N. London) m. 1949 (Ruth Lilian Rankin B. 1930. d. 2007) d. 1997 (Plumstead/ Greenwich). He had 9 sisters, some are deceased now but some still living. My search for ancestry stops with my paternal...