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  1. Ladybird1300

    Alexander Clifford

    There is a baptism for Alexander 1703 Calne parents William Clifford and Jane Alexander. There is a marriage for Alexander in 1753 to Mary Stephens which is ok but he was 50 when they were married, but not impossible I hear you say. He has a daughter 1749 although the baptism says she was a...
  2. Ladybird1300

    What happened to Henry??

    Baptism for Henry Farmer 1838 Christ Church Spitalfields parents Henry Farmer a Carver Gilder and Ann Clements. He is in the 1841 and 1851 census at home with parents and siblings in Bethnal Green and Shoreditch, after this I can't find a thing on him, no marriage or death. Some of the census...
  3. Ladybird1300

    Gladys Dorothy Pratt Adoption

    My husband's grandmother was adopted but not officially as it was about 1890. When she married in 1907 she was using her adopted father's name which was Joseph William Payne b1838. I don't know much about adoption, official or otherwise. It doesn't look as though her birth was registered which...
  4. Ladybird1300

    John Russell

    John was married to Martha Shephard 1731 St Benets Pauls Wharf, on the marriage it says both John and Martha were of Epsom Surrey. It's said John died 1765 Ewell Surrey although he spent many years living in Finsbury, working as a cooper and soap manufacturer. The business was passed on to his...
  5. Ladybird1300

    John Kirby

    Looking for a death for John Kirby b1750 Wilburton Cambridgeshire. There is a death for one in 1771 Cambridge but it gives parents George and Elizabeth, his parents were John and Margaret. Many Thanks Amanda
  6. Ladybird1300

    Daniel Reeves v Daniel Reeves

    I have two Daniel Reeves (related) both were baptised in 1778 Calne Wiltshire. The first was son of Daniel and Frances, the second was son of Daniel's brother Isaac and wife Christian. One married Betty Clifford 1800 Calne the other married Elizabeth Goodship 1794 Calne but I don't know which...
  7. Ladybird1300

    George Reeves

    George Reeves b1805 Blackland Calne Wiltshire baseborn son of Christian Reeves. Looking for George after this event, Christian went on to marry Thomas Fullaway 1806 Malmesbury and had another ten children. Cannot find a marriage or death for George. I found a marriage in Hullavington to an Anne...
  8. Ladybird1300

    Isaac Rawlings

    He married Alice Wiltshire 1786 Bremhill Wiltshire and they had four children. There is a death for Isaac in 1798 Calne, but I've never found a baptism for him. The only baptism around that time was in 1766 Melksham and there is a death in Compton Bassett 1827 giving a birth of 1749, but I...
  9. Ladybird1300

    John Taylor

    I'm looking for the death of John Taylor b c1804 a blacksmith of Twickenham and there is a death in Twickenham in 1871 for a John Taylor which I thought great I've found him. Then FMP put some Memorials on their site and there was a John on it but this was not my John as it has Taylor names I...
  10. Ladybird1300

    Mary Russell

    Well I finally solved one brick wall now I have another one. Mary Russell was born in Whitechapel c1795 she married Henry Farmer in 1815 at St Leonard Shoreditch, I've looked at all the baptisms but can't be sure which one is her. I have all their information after their marriage except I never...
  11. Ladybird1300

    Manorial rolls Chalfont St Peter

    I'm a bit confused I have some information about some copyhold land being left to my ancestor Russell Farmer, I know he was the heir of John Russell who died young and left the land to his twin sisters Martha and Mary aged nine. The land came to Russell through his mother Martha and although...
  12. Ladybird1300

    John Williams and Sarah

    Second marriage for Sarah...
  13. Ladybird1300

    My first ancestor transportation

    My 4x g grandmother Elizabeth Lesurf nee Collier aged 25 giving a birth of c1787 was transported for seven years for stealing in 1812 on the ship Wanstead. I found lots of information from the Australian end but can't find a baptism for her. It's been suggested that her parents were Abraham and...
  14. Ladybird1300

    Elizabeth Farmer nee Ashlee

    Elizabeth b1723 married Russell Farmer in 1742 Cowley Middlsex, they had two sons Richard and John, Russell died in 1748 Harefield. Elizabeth's parents were Richard Aslee and Mary Walls. When Richard Ashlee's will was proved in Harefield 1767, he mentions a grandson George Mitchel. There was a...
  15. Ladybird1300

    Molineux Family

    In this census I have what I believe is the molyneux family I've been looking for many years. Ann Bradley married John Molineux in 1822 and I believe John died in 1834 but as this is the 1841 census that may not be right, but he isn't home. I have located Thomas, Benjamin and Mary (although I...
  16. Ladybird1300

    Muspratt family

    I'm helping a distant cousin with her grandmother's family, her grandfather relates to my family. I'm looking for a baptism for a James Muspratt b c1743 in Michelmerch or Romsey in Hampshire, some trees have his parents as John Musprit and Mary, but I can't see the baptism online anywhere...
  17. Ladybird1300

    Elizabeth Harris

    I'm looking for the correct baptism for Elizabeth Harris b 1733 Wingfield Wiltshire. I think she was actually baptised just up the road at Bradford on Avon and this is my predicament. I can't tell if she was recorded twice or there is more than one Thomas with a daughter Elizabeth being baptised...
  18. Ladybird1300

    John Molyneux

    He married Ann Bradley in 1822 Ormskirk and was a weaver, I think his death was in 1834 Ormskirk because he wasn't in the 1841 census with the rest of the family. I think his father was Thomas Molineux/Molyneux and mother possibly Mary. Their children were Thomas b1824, Benjamin b1826, Robert...
  19. Ladybird1300

    Layout of site

    I haven't been coming here as much lately as I'm finding it difficult to read the threads. The threads are not laying out as they should and I'm finding them difficult to read. This is how I am seeing the forum now which is not ideal
  20. Ladybird1300

    Odd Christmas

    Happy belated Christmas to everyone. Had a bit of a strange one this year, it began with my husband and a chest infection as he started to get better I got the outside lights out and our new Christmas tree out. Next I got the flu despite having a flu vaccination so the decorations would have to...