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    Pattison brothers

    Hello all I am searching for information on a couple of brothers: William Andrew Pattison (b.1902) married Grace Elliott in 1925 Frederick Sidney Pattison (b.1905), went by the name of Sidney, married Muriel (last name unknown) They were born in Sunderland but the family had moved to the...
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    Looking for inquest records

    Hi all I don't know where to look for details of inquests. I have a death certificate which states the inquest was held Jun 6 1914 for: George Nicholas Witchalls aged 42 years Costermonger (street seller of fruit and vegetables, etc) Cause of death: Cerebral haemorrhage - PM Certificate...
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    Place in Ireland?

    I'm looking for further information on a Florence Gray (later Emmett). She lived mainly in the Portsmouth area. In the 1881 census her birth is listed as "Vi...llybeys, Ireland" In the 1911 census her birth is listed as "Killings, Ireland" Googling the first one comes up with nothing, the...
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    flag on forum posts

    Hi all :) Looks like my country flag isn't displaying. Is it just me, or can others not see it either? Thanks for any help :cool:
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    Edward Herbert CHATTING c1870

    I have the marriage certificate of Edward Herbert Chatting, 1891, stating his age as 21. However, I cannot find him on the 1881 census, nor can I find an index for his birth. Residence at the time of marriage is Bethnal Green and Edward Herbert's father is stated as Edward Chatting. I guess...
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    Benjamin and Eliza ANNEREAU 1871

    Can someone look up the above for me please: aged 46 and 47, Bethnal Green / Hackney Son Thomas should be 5 and dau Alice 8. Found loads of Annereau marriages in the mid 1880s so expecting loads more daughters!!! Thanks for your help,
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    Robert Doughty GRAY and family 1871

    Hi all, Trying to trace an ancestor, his name was Robert Doughty GRAY, Norfolk/Essex area. Household includes Elizabeth (wife) born Brightlingsea circa 1837 Robert F (son) born Yarmouth c 1861 Hazel Arthur (son) born Yarmouth c 1865 Matilda M (dau) born Brightingsea (sic) c 1866 I'm told...
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    Grace AZE Barnstaple

    Thanks everyone for your continued support - this is really becoming an adventure! I'm looking for Grace AZE born c.1805 in Barnstaple, which would put her around 46 at this census. Daughter Sarah would be approx 13 years old (born Cullompton c.1838 ) so hopefully there, too. I don't have the...
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    Biddle family Barnstaple

    The elusive Robert BIDDLE (alternative spellings found as BEEDELL, BITTLE, BADLE, BEETLE!) - lace twister about 23 years old (born Barnstaple). Barnstaple, 1861 Marriage was 1857 so should be living with Sarah (wife) abt 23 Emily (daughter) abt 2 Sarah Jane (daughter) abt 1 plus mystery...
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    Robert & Sarah BIDDLE

    Robert Biddle (abt 32 - born circa 1839 in Barnstaple, Devon) Sarah Biddle (abt 32 - born circa 1839 Barnstaple or Cullompton, Devon) 1871 census. Would have been living with: Sarah J abt 11 Mary A abt 5 Frederick abt 5 Bessie (Bessey) abt 3 John (10 in 1881 census - possible newborn) 1881...
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    Lilian May Barrett

    Looking for Lilian May Barrett (married name Witchalls), born 2Q 1896 in W Ham, living in England in 1901. She married in 1918 and died in 1979. Interested in the household at the time of the census. Thanks,
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    Birth & Death, infant

    Frederick Arthur Biddle, Barnstaple, Devon, Jun 1889 - Mar 1890 Could someone lookup the parents please, pretty sure this one's in my family but parents' names would confirm. I would predict Frederick J and Jessie Elizabeth. Thanks!
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    Hi I was thinking about deaths in the Annereau family, also recorded sometimes as Annerean or Annercan. Anyway I couldn't find any of these with any possible spelling, so any information would be most useful. Eliza Annereau (born Botton) 1824 Bethnal Green Thomas Annereau c.1867 Bethnal Green...
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    Ellen (or Emma) Jane WEBB

    Hi all I'm having a torrid time finding records of this ancestor. I've seen the 1901 census RG13/320 (St John's, Stepney, North Ward, Limehouse(?)) which places her (Ellen J Witchalls) in Stepney (also born in Stepney c.1873 = 28 at the time of the census) as the wife of George Nicholas...
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    Emma Ellen Annereau

    born Hackney, 1892. Could someone help me please. My ancestor was just a child in 1901 but who was in her house? I'm especially interested in the parents. Very unusual name! Thanks for info :)
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    1911 Census Lookup please

    Vera Kathleen Pattison was born in 1908 in Portsmouth. I'm looking for family members who were living with her at the time of the 1911 census. Possible Kingston and East Southsea sub-district. If anyone can send me a PM, I would really appreciate it! Thanks for your help :)