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    Czech Republic - Zatec

    Hi Geoff, thanks for the reply, we did look into having the documents translated and yes it worked out pretty expensive, and I did scan them, might be my mistake that they were scanned as pictures which I have tried to change to documents but no luck as the google translation...
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    Czech Republic - Zatec

    Hi Geoff, Thanks for the link, trying but having difficulty finding the names, what I also need is some kind person that could translate a couple of old 1940s Czech Documents that seems to relate to my Grandparents Marriage we think and they keep referring to a place called...
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    Old Czech Republic Document

    Hi,\ Anyone able to translate old Czech Documents for me, would appreciate it Regards Peter
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    Czech Republic - Zatec

    Hi Guys, I am trying to look into my Mothers family side, who originated from Zatec in the Czech Republic. We have some copies of what is assumed the Marriage certificate and other papers in German, but as we don't understand Czech we would appreciate assistance in this, we can...